Insights into DSCC’s New Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Report with Monthly Shipment Data by Model

Published September 15, 2020

We are making great progress on our new Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Shipment and Technology Report and still expect to release before the end of the month.

One of the highlights to me is monthly panel shipments by foldable smartphone model. This has been completed from November 2018 to December 2020. Thus, there is now a complete monthly record of foldable panel shipments and it is segmented by more than 20 different parameters such as size, panel supplier, form factor (clamshell vs. in-fold vs. out-fold), cover window material (CPI vs. UTG), CPI and UTG suppliers, AP supplier, AP model, memory, storage, etc. There is also a forecast from 2021-2025 by quarter. Highlights of the monthly shipments whose total are shown in the figure are:

  • June and September are expected to be the record months for foldable panel shipments.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be the #1 best-selling foldable in 2020 followed by the Z Fold 2, the Motorola Razr and the Flip 5G.
  • By brand, Samsung will command more than an 80% share.
  • Clamshell smartphones are expected to account for a 60% share of 2020 smartphone panels on the success of the Z Flip.
  • UTG shipments will significantly outpace CPI with more than an 80% share.
  • Qualcomm has over a 95% share of the 2020 foldable market with the Snapdragon 855+ leading the 865+.
  • Nitto has a dominant share in foldable polarizers over Sumitomo Chemical.
  • Kolon has a dominant share in CPI over Sumitomo Chemical.

Monthly Foldable Smartphone Panel Shipments

Source: DSCC’s Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Technology and Market Outlook Report

Another highlight for me in putting together this report is the roadmap information. We saw that the Z Fold 2 stack got thinner than the Z Flip despite increasing the thickness of the PET layer above the UTG. How did they do it? It is in the report. We are also showing not just foldable device roadmaps, but rollable smartphone device roadmaps as well with LGE expected to launch a 7.4” rollable smartphone in Q1’21. We have volume estimates for that device. We also provide insight into future Samsung foldable devices through 2022 with some surprising developments as well as the situation in China. Will other brands try to step into Huawei’s shoes for foldable devices? What is the current status? It is revealed in this report.

The 2018-2020 monthly shipment results are available now to subscribers, so there is no reason to delay your order if interested. For more information, please contact

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