iPhone 12 and Foldable Galaxy Leaks

Published May 18, 2020

There has been a lot of information leaked about the iPhone 12 recently. We have been able to correct and confirm some of this info.

  • 5.4” iPhone 12 Mini
    • The 5.42” iPhone 12 Mini will feature a 5.4” flexible OLED from Samsung Display, not BOE as has been leaked. We have seen reports that it will or will not have Y-OCTA integrated touch. We believe it will have Y-OCTA integrated touch. The resolution is 2348 x 1084 or 476 PPI. While not in the 2020 5.4” iPhone 12, we hear BOE may get designed into the 5.4” iPhone 12s launched in 2021 if all goes well on the iPhone 12 Max. According to various sources, it will have lower cost sub 6 GHz 5G technology, come with 4GBs of RAM, 64/128/256GBs of storage, dual rear cameras, A14 bionic processor, a dual rear camera up to 64MPs, a 12MP front camera and be priced from $699. All iPhone 12 models are also expected to get a smaller notch as shown in the rendering.
  • iPhone 12 Max
    • The 6.06” iPhone 12 Max is also expected to be 5G using sub 6GHz technology and will feature a 6.1” flexible OLED sourced from BOE and LG Display with an add-on touch sensor and a rumored resolution of 2540 x 1174 or 460 PPI. This will be BOE’s first design win at Apple. We expect LG Display to get more of the volumes at least initially on this product due to Apple’s greater familiarity with LG Display. We hear BOE is expecting to ship 5-10M units to Apple in 2020. According to various sources, this phone is rumored to have 4GBs of RAM, 64/128/256GBs of storage, the same cameras and body as the iPhone 12 and be priced from $799.
  • iPhone 12 Pro
    • The 6.1” iPhone 12 Pro is expected to use a Samsung Display flexible OLED with 10-bits of color achieved with true 8-bits plus dithering. The iPhone 12 is expected to be one of the first smartphones with 10-bits of color. It is not expected to have Y-OCTA and will feature the same resolution as the iPhone 12 Max of 2540 x 1174 and 460 PPI. Apple is rumored to be linking XDR (extreme dynamic range) compatibility to the iPhone 12 series. XDR performance on its monitors is specified by Apple as 1000 nits of full screen brightness, 1600 nits of peak brightness, 1M:1 contrast, 10-bits of color and ~100% P3 wide color gamut. To date, Samsung Display has only achieved 1342 nits of peak brightness and full screen brightness of 828 nits on smartphones, so if Apple does use XDR, the XDR specifications for brightness will need to change. Given the lower black levels in its OLED smartphones vs. its XDR monitor, contrast should actually be higher on its smartphones, in fact, DisplayMate measures the latest Samsung Display OLED contrast ratios as infinite in low ambient light. This phone is rumored to have 120Hz, but not have LTPO as Apple’s lines at Samsung Display are not expected to have LTPO until 2021. So, if it does have 120Hz, it will likely only switch between 60Hz and 120Hz and not be as variable as its ProMotion oxide panels on its iPad Pro. However, we do not expect to see 120Hz on the iPhone 12 Pro. According to various sources, it is rumored to have 6GBs of RAM, 128-512GBs of storage, quad cameras up to 64MPs including a LiDAR TOF camera, a 12MP front camera and a stainless steel body. It is expected to include both Sub 6-GHz and mmWave and be priced from $999.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
    • It is expected to be exclusively supplied by Samsung Display and will have a 6.67” 2785 x 1293 flexible OLED panel at 459 PPI with Y-OCTA and 10-bits. It is also expected to have 6GBs of RAM, 128-512GBs of storage, quad camera up to 64MPs with a LiDAR TOF camera, a 12MP front camera and a stainless steel body. It is expected to include both Sub 6-GHz and mmWave and be priced from $1099. It is also rumored to have 120Hz, but not have LTPO. We aren't expecting 120Hz.

We also hear that panel production will start around 6 weeks late, so rather than early June, it won’t start till the end of July which should imply a delay in the iPhone 12 launch from September to October. This could certainly impact Universal Display’s 2nd quarter. Nonetheless, we see the iPhone 12 as Apple’s most successful launch in years due to 5G, all OLED and prices potentially as low as $699.

Source: FPT, PhoneArea and DSCC

iPhone 12 Rendering

Source: PhoneArena

Galaxy Fold Special Edition

Prior to releasing the Galaxy Fold 2, we heard Samsung will look to get rid of its existing Galaxy Fold inventory by creating the Galaxy Fold Special Edition. We heard it will be just like the existing Galaxy Fold and will use a 4G modem. It is expected to be priced around $1099 and we hear volume will be limited to around 70K panels or around 55K units. It is expected to be introduced and start shipping in July. There is a rumor it may have an even smaller front display which we did not confirm.

Galaxy Flip 5G

We published that Samsung would likely introduce a 5G version of the Galaxy Flip in our 2020 Foldable Display Technology and Market Report. Now we hear it is getting closer. One concern may be the 3300mAh battery given that 5G phones consumer more power. We would expect it to be launched either with the Galaxy Fold Special Edition or with the Note 20. The 5G version is also rumored to be available in brown in addition to the Pandora Purple, Cyber Black and Sahara Gold colors available in the 4G version. No indication of the price yet.

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