New Fabs Being Added to DSCC’s Latest Forecast

Published July 13, 2020

We have recently finalized the fab schedules in our upcoming Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report. We will be distributing the schedules, analysis and Gannt charts this week.

We have added a couple of new OLED lines as their probabilities have improved. The new lines include:

  • Visionox V2 in Gu’an, G6, 15K, move-in and install timing (see latest report).
  • EDO Fab 2, Phase 3, G6, 15K, move-in and install timing (see latest report). This is still lower in probability as it requires them to go public and use the funds from the offering for this investment, but that is now expected.
  • CSOT T8, G6, 15K, RGB IJP OLED. With an investment in JOLED, the probability of both G6 and G8.5 lines have improved, and we will add G6 to our forecast this quarter after excluding it last quarter. G8.5 was included last quarter. There is a rumor now that both the G6 and G8.5 lines will be in the same fab. We also accelerated the T9/G8.5 RGB IJP OLED investment as well as a WOLED investment from BOE.

We are also showing numerous delays from COVID-19, both due to reduced demand and the impact from litho engineers in Japan unable to travel to China to install equipment. We are showing move-in delays at the following fabs and install delays at even more fabs:

  • BOE B12 LTPO – coming later than B12 LTPS so the lines will be converted rather than start out as LTPO. The building was completed and there was a ceremony last week as shown below.
  • CSOT T7
  • HKC H4
  • LGD P10
  • SDC A4-3 and A4-4
  • SDC QD-OLED Phase 2 and 3.

For more details one very future fab investment, I would recommend our Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report or Quarterly OLED Supply/Demand and Capital Spending Report as we review each investment line by line and provide significant details and analysis.

BOE B12 Building Completion Ceremony

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Ross Young