Previewing the Analyst Sessions at the SID/DSCC Business Conference

Published August 3, 2020

Over 270 people have already registered for the SID/DSCC Business Conference. At $499, it is a great value with:

  • 41 talks vs. 21 last year;
  • No travel costs;
  • 36 different companies presenting;
  • 16 presentations from 15 market analysts at 11 different research firms.
  • 25 presentations from 25 different industry experts representing 25 different companies.

The market and financial analyst overview talks are always a highlight of this event with bold predictions provided, unique insights, valuable data and more. This year will be no exception. Presenters include:

  • Ross Young, CEO, DSCC
  • Dragon Cui, CEO, DiScien
  • Dr. Choong Hoon Yi, UBI Research
  • David Hsieh, Senior Director, Omdia
  • Yasuo Nakane, Global Head of Technology Research, Mizuho Securities

Ross Young’s Talk: 2020 – A Year Like No Other

Ross will examine how examine how COVID-19 has impacted the display market and how the outlook for display revenues has changed over the next few years by application. Interestingly, Ross sees the display market outlook improved post-COVID compared to pre-COVID as WFH and LFH boost the slowest growing markets (tablets, notebooks and monitors) at a time when LCD capacity is shrinking, increasing prices and margins. He will also look at lessons from previous downturns and why this downturn is different as the pandemic has shown that we need our displays, like the internet, more than ever. He will also answer key questions related to capex, LCD vs. OLED revenues, LCD vs. OLED smartphone shipments, rigid vs. flexible OLED volumes, OLED shipments by panel supplier and where Chinese suppliers are gaining share as well as major developments expected over the next 12-24 months that could shake-up the display industry.

Dragon Cui’s Talk: Four Ways to Achieve Dynamic Balance Under the Capacity Storm

For those not familiar with Dragon Cui and DiScien, he worked at BOE Technology for 6 years managing their technical support and overseas business development before working at market research firm AVIC for 2 years and then starting DiScien in 2018. DiScien focuses on TV and digital signage reports showing brand and panel supplier results and forecasts. DSCC is an exclusive representative for DiScien’s reports in the US, Japan and Europe. In this talk, Dragon will focus on LCD supply/demand with new and larger fabs leading to a capacity storm. He also believes that LCD capacity will come into balance in the next 1-2 years with the development of new size/new technology/new application and new market share structure.

Dr. Choong Hoon Yi’s Talk: OLED Market Direction in the Post COVID-19 Era

Dr. Yi will cover how COVID-19 will impact the OLED industry. Despite COVID-19’s dramatic impact on human life and global economies, the OLED industry continues to grow. Although the smartphone market is expected to fall by 20% in 2020 due to COVID-19, OLED smartphones are expected to maintain their volumes due to the increase in OLED usage by Apple and Chinese smartphone brands. Looking at TVs, the number of companies that sell OLED TVs has now expanded to 18, providing OLED TVs with a clear identify in the OLED TV market. He will also share how the OLED market will grow in the post COVID-19 era.

David Hsieh’s Talk: Top 10 Key Points of the Display Industry – Post COVID-19 and Korea Restructure

David will present the top 10 key points of the display industry, especially focusing on the post COVID-19 demand recovery and the impact of the Korea LCD capacity restructure. The top 10 points include: the demand influence before, during and after COVID-19, the dominance of China LCD and OLED capacity, the Korea LCD restructure and the WOLED, QD OLED and QNED roadmap, the panel price outlook, the new market and technology evolution of PC displays, the rise and struggles of new technologies like miniLED and microLED, the new iPhone 12 display with LTPO technology and the new flexible and foldable display form factor change.

Yasuo Nakane’s Talk: FPD Industry Outlook

Nakane-san will provide his latest outlook on the FPD industry. He believes the FPD industry has started to enter a consolidation phase. For large FPDs, Chinese manufacturers have been aiming to dominate the LCD industry, and South Korean makers have been looking to transition to OLED and microLED, but it will likely take time for these efforts to boost earnings. For small and medium FPDs, Samsung Display has overwhelmed its rivals given the shift to OLEDs, but Chinese companies have been catching up. To better understand the direction of the overall FPD industry and changes in the balance of power, he analyzed the value chain, including components and finished products (e.g., smartphones and TVs), from both a geographic and technology standpoint.

We hope you register and enjoy these insightful talks. To register, please visit:

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