Rigid OLED UT% Continues High, Flexible UT% Recovering in June

Published June 10, 2019

DSCC has updated its Quarterly OLED and Mobile LCD Fab Utilization Report with results for May and the latest estimates for June. As shown in the chart here:

Source: DSCC Quarterly OLED and Mobile LCD Fab Utilization Report

  • OLED TVs remain at exceptionally high levels, reaching 100% in April & May and are expected to continue at 99% in June.
  • Mobile LCD fab utilization continues to run in the mid-to-high 60s.
  • Rigid OLED fab utilization has remained strong since March, after a rough winter. Rigid OLED demand has increased on several drivers:
    • A reduced price gap with LTPS LCD has altered the balance between the technologies
    • 2019 smartphone models such as the Galaxy A series at 6.4” have larger screen sizes
    • As DSCC has reported in recent weeks, multiple Chinese brands are pricing new smartphone models aggressively to boost growth and take share.
  • Flexible OLED fab utilization continues to lag, but we expect a modest uptick in June to 42% UT after four months in the 30s.

This report also provides TFT glass input by fab and technology by month and by quarter, with data provided Q/Q and Y/Y in a pivot table and analysis and data provided in a PDF executive summary.

Looking at TFT Glass Input, we see that Rigid OLED has shown sustained growth of more than 50% Y/Y for the months February through May, and although the Y/Y growth will shrink in June, that is a function of a higher basis in 2018, not a slowdown in 2019. Mobile LCD glass input is expected to show a Y/Y decline in June 2019 for the first time since early 2018.

Source: DSCC Quarterly OLED and Mobile LCD Fab Utilization Report

The Quarterly OLED and Mobile LCD Fab Utilization Report is updated 2X per quarter and is priced starting at just $3495 per year. For more information about the report, please contact Gerry McGinley at 770-503-6318, e-mail gerry@displaysupplychain.com, or contact your regional DSCC office in China, Japan or Korea.

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