SID/DSCC Business Conference Adds New Speakers

Published June 29, 2020

As we get closer to the event launch, we have a flurry of new speakers added to the agenda of the SID/DSCC Business Conference, the display industry’s premier event, to be held during DisplayWeek 2020 from August 3rd – 7th. That makes several announcements we made in a last few weeks out of date, so it’s important to update our readers on this exciting event.

Two weeks ago we said that there will be presentations from 13 leading analysts from nine different companies; now we’ve added two more. In addition to presentations from leading analysts at Counterpoint, Discien, DSCC, IHS Markit, J.D. Power, Omdia, Mizuho Securities, The NPD Group, and UBI Research, the Business Conference will include presentations from:

  • Ryan Reith, Program Vice President, Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers, IDC. Ryan will present in the session: “IT Display Market and Specialty Applications Response to COVID-19.”
  • Roger Lanctot, Director Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics. Roger will present in the “Automotive Display Market and Technology Outlook” session.

Also two weeks ago, we issued a call for papers in a session re-named “IT Display Market and Specialty Applications Response to COVID-19,” and we are pleased to announce that we had a quick response to that call. We had already included DSCC’s Co-Founder & Asia President Yoshi Tamura and FLEx Lighting’s CEO Mike Casper as speakers in that session, and in addition to Ryan Reith, we’ve added three speakers who will be focusing on the topic of COVID-19 response:

  • David Naranjo, Director, Business Line Management, ViewSonic
  • Robert Heise, Executive VP & General Manager, GDS Global Display
  • John Bowab, Vice President of Sales, TSItouch
  • Dr. Shao Xibin, SVP and Chief Product Officer of Display and Sensor Business Group, BOE

One week ago, we outlined the “TV Market and Technology Outlook” session, including talks by DSCC, Nanosys, The NPD Group, and TCL. We’ve pleased to announce the following addition to the TV session:

Dr. Shao is a SID Fellow, and will present on BOE’s BD Cell dual-cell LCD technology, which was awarded Display of the Year 2020 by SID’s panel of experts.

On top of these additions, we’ve added several speakers in other sessions not yet highlighted, so if you reviewed the agenda two weeks ago they will be new:

  • Gordon Thomas, Senior Director of Product Management, Qualcomm will present in the Smartphone Display Market and Technology Outlook session.
  • Dr. Jianping Chen, Senior Technical Fellow, Visionox will also present in the smartphone session.
  • Chuck Milligan, CEO, FlexEnable will present in the Automotive Display Market and Technology Outlook session.
  • Junji Adachi, Co-Founder and CEO, Kyulux Inc. will present in the session Emerging Technologies Enabling TV and IT Advances, a session sponsored by Applied Materials.
  • Noam Cohen, Director of Business Development, Orbotech Display Division, will speak in the Emerging Technologies Enabling Mobile Advances session.
  • A speaker to be named representing Kolon, the leader in colorless polyimide (CPI), in the session entitled Foldable Market Outlook - Opportunities and Challenges.

While we’re all disappointed that DisplayWeek cannot be a physical event, the virtual format has opened up new possibilities for the Business Conference. Because we don’t face the same time constraints as a physical conference, we’ve added speakers beyond what a 2-day conference would allow. Our agenda now includes a total of 41 presentations covering all the important topics in the display industry, from the leading companies in both markets and technologies and from renowned analyst firms. Attendees will be able to review the material on their own timeline to make the best use of their time, and without the time or cost of travel to the conference.

DisplayWeek 2020 will take place from August 3-7 as an entirely virtual event. Sponsors for the SID/DSCC Business Conference include Applied Materials as a gold sponsor, and General Electric and OTI Lumionics as bronze sponsors. Attendee registration can be found at:

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