SID/DSCC Business Conference Call for Speakers – IT and Specialty Applications Response to COVID-19

Published June 15, 2020

As DisplayWeek 2020 has shifted to an entirely virtual format, the shift poses challenges but also opens up opportunities to add value to participants. Recognizing the monumental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unique role that displays have played in society’s adjustments to the pandemic, DSCC has decided to expand the scope of topics of one of the sessions of the SID/DSCC Business Conference to address the industry’s response.

Our revised session will be entitled “IT Display Market and Specialty Applications Response to COVID-19” and will include a download of developments in the IT Display Market from DSCC’s Co-Founder and President of Asia Operations, Yoshio Tamura. The session will include a discussion from Mike Casper of FleXLighting, discussing some new developments in IT products using reflective LCDs.

We also seek speakers to address ways that the display industry has responded to the challenge of COVID-19 with new products and new applications. Some examples might include:

  • A touch screen company discussing antimicrobial treatments
  • A display company selling to a medical equipment supplier
  • Outdoor digital menu boards for drive through applications
  • Laptop or tablet makers with educational tablets
  • PC makers addressing both corporate and worker issues for work-from-home
  • Display technology for the post-COVID digital cinema market

The display industry has taken a central role in people’s lives during the pandemic, and the time spent on screens of all types has increased dramatically. DisplayWeek 2020 is the industry’s showcase, an opportunity to demonstrate how displays can solve problems.

DisplayWeek 2020 will take place from August 3-7 as an entirely virtual event. Sponsors for the event include Applied Materials as a gold sponsor, and General Electric and OTI Lumionics as bronze sponsors. Additional sponsorships are available. Those interested in speaking at the SID/DSCC Business Conference should contact me at Attendee registration can be found at:

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Bob O'Brien