The Essential TV Market and Technology Download at the SID/DSCC Business Conference

Published June 22, 2020

Attendees of the SID/DSCC Business Conference during DisplayWeek 2020 will not be able to see the speakers in person, but they will still get a comprehensive perspective on the important TV market in the virtual conference, to be held during DisplayWeek 2020 from August 3rd – 7th.

The TV market has never been more important to the display industry, as it represents more than 70% of display area, and TVs represent flagship products for global brands. The Business Conference will bring expertise from experienced experts in both market dynamics and new technologies.

  • DSCC’s Co-Founder and President, Bob O’Brien, will give an overview of global TV market and technology trends. The TV business has never been more profitable for the leading global brands, but growth remains elusive. The premium TV space drives display innovation for improvements in brightness, color, resolution, contract, and other metrics. He will outline the technology battle between OLED and LCD today, and show how DSCC expects this battle to play out as new technologies like QD OLED, MiniLED, and MicroLED emerge. He will draw from DSCC’s Quarterly Advanced TV Display Cost Report to show how the technology battle plays out in terms of cost, and from DSCC’s Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment Report to show how the battle plays out in terms of market results.
  • NPD’s Vice President and Industry Advisor, Technology and Mobile, Stephen Baker, will pull insights from his decades of experience in the US TV industry and from his company’s matchless point-of-sale data to inform attendees about the latest developments in the US retail market. This slide from Stephen’s 2019 presentation gives an example of the perspective Stephen Baker brings on consumer behavior and how the TV value chain including panel makers, brands, and retailers can maximize their influence.
Source: The NPD Group / SID/DSCC Business Conference 2019
  • TCL’s Director of Product Development, Aaron Dew, will highlight his company’s TV innovation. TCL has grown to become the second-largest global TV brand with a combination of innovative products with attractive value. Unique among the major Chinese brands, TCL has taken the vertically-integrated business model to combine its own panel supply with TV manufacturing. In 2019, TCL launched the world’s first MiniLED backlit TV, a robust competitor to OLED TV for the title of best picture quality. Aaron will outline TCL’s approach to display technology as it continues to grow its presence in the TV market.
  • Jason Hartlove, CEO and President of Nanosys, will describe his company’s development of quantum dot technology, from its use today in photoluminescent quantum dot enhancement films to its coming use in color converters for QD OLED to future prospects as electroluminescent material in next-generation displays.

The session on TV Market and Technology Outlook is just one of nine sessions in the SID/DSCC Business Conference. Attendees will access presentations by the leading analysts and executives in the display industry covering the most important market and technology developments in displays.

DisplayWeek 2020 will take place from August 3-7 as an entirely virtual event. Sponsors for the event include Applied Materials as a gold sponsor, and General Electric and OTI Lumionics as bronze sponsors. Attendee registration can be found at:

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