The SID/DSCC Business Conference’s Smartphone and Foldable Sessions Will Be a Highlight of the Event

Published July 13, 2020

The SID/DSCC Business Conference Webinar, sponsored by Applied Materials, GE and OTI, becomes available on August 3rd will feature over 40 different talks on all aspects of the display industry. One of the major highlights will be talks related to smartphones and foldable displays. In addition to dedicated sessions on these topics, a number of other presentations will also cover market and technology developments and innovations in these segments.

The Smartphone Display Market and Technology Outlook session will feature presentations from leading analysts and manufacturers alike. The presenters are shown below and their bios are on our website and can be reached from

  • Tom Kang, Research Director and Managing Director, Counterpoint
  • Rita Li, Director of China Operations, DSCC
  • Dr. Jianping Chen, Senior Technical Fellow, Visionox
  • Gordon Thomas, Senior Director of Product Management, Qualcomm

Smartphone Session Presenters

From these presentations, attendees can expect to hear:

  • The latest forecasts for
    • Regional shipment trends
    • Brand shipment trends
    • Smartphone model shipment trends
    • LCD smartphones
    • Rigid OLED smartphones
    • Flexible OLED smartphones
    • OLED smartphone supply chain
    • OLED smartphone shipments by brand and panel supplier
    • OLED smartphone roadmaps
  • New technology innovations such as:
    • LTPO
    • Under panel cameras
    • 120Hz refresh
    • Foldable and rollable
    • Bigger fingerprint sensors
  • And much more

Each presenter’s talk is summarized below:

  • Tom Kang, Research Director and Managing Director, Counterpoint
    • COVID-19 is an unprecedented pandemic affecting all aspects of life and the economy. The smartphone market is no exception. But there are other factors that are making the market turbulent: US-China trade wars, 5G growth, Huawei factor and more. We will take a look at each event and how it affects the smartphone market outlook as well as the vendors involved. New technologies are still growing and shaping the ecosystem. We will also examine new models launched and their trajectory. Topics include:
      • COVID-19 impact and revised forecast;
      • Consumer demand trends and budget restraints;
      • Huawei’s future and the emergence of the next Huawei;
      • Apple’s new lineup and 5G;
      • Fingerprint on Display;
      • Foldables and OLED;
      • Market demand by region and outlook
      • What to look for in 2021
  • Rita Li, Director of China Operations, DSCC.
    • Rita will cover the 2020 outlook and progress of China’s AMOLED manufacturers, the impact of COVD and the trade war. Sub-topics include:
      • Is the flexible AMOLED surplus in China going to be huge?
      • 2020 China AMOLED suppliers’ performance outlook and strategy?
      • Are top China smartphone brands’ 5G strategies serving as a catalyst for AMOLED penetration?
      • AMOLED panel price forecast
      • Is foldable hot in China?
      • Smartphone roadmap dynamics and technology trends.
      • China mobile AMOLED SWOT analysis with new opportunities.
  • Dr. Jianping Chen, Senior Technical Fellow, Visionox
    • Recently flexible AMOLEDs have found more and more applications in consumer electronics such as in smartphones and wearables. In his talk he will discuss AMOLED’s key enabling technologies (design and modelling, module materials, fabrication and integration) that potentially lead to realize form factor-dictated edge-curved, foldable, scrollable and stretched displays. He will also discuss Visionox’s pioneering development in under display cameras.
  • Gordon Thomas, Senior Director of Product Management, Qualcomm
    • He will introduce Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensors and their advances through recent 3D Sonic launches. It illustrates the close linkage between components of various OLED display types and ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology and the relationship between display vendors, their TFT fabs and the sensor. It further outlines the landscape going forward with larger area sensors and expanded functionality beyond biometrics. We hope he will tell us when to expand the larger 3D Sonic Max sensor in new devices.

The Foldable Market Outlook – Opportunities and Challenges session will feature presentations from myself and leading cover material suppliers at C3Nano, Kolon and SCHOTT. The presenters are shown below and their bios are on our website and can be reached from

  • Ross Young, Founder and CEO, DSCC
  • Dr. Jack Ju, Head of UTG Cover Product Group, SCHOTT
  • Faraz Azadi, Product Manager, C3Nano
  • Sungchan Lee, Deputy Manager, Kolon

With cover materials a key issue today in foldable displays, we thought it would be appropriate to hear their latest advances and how their material will improve the foldable device experience.

Attendees can expect to hear the following info from the foldable talks:

  • The latest forecasts for:
    • Foldable shipments
      • By form factor (clamshell vs. in-fold vs. out-fold);
      • By panel size;
      • By cover material (UTG vs. CPI);
      • By panel supplier;
      • By brand;
      • By price band;
      • By application.
    • Product roadmaps by application/brand/panel supplier;
    • UTG and CPI capacity and supply/demand;
    • Remaining foldable challenges and constraints;
    • The latest advances in UTG, CPI and hard coat specifications and performance.
    • Form factor advances beyond foldable.

Each presenter’s talk is summarized below:

  • Ross Young, CEO, DSCC
    • This presentation leverage the 3 annual reports and numerous custom projects DSCC has done in the foldable space. It will examine the key challenges that remain to enable broad adoption of foldable displays, will discuss the product roadmap revealing what new foldable devices should be expected over the next 12 months and provide DSCC’s latest foldable forecast by form factor, panel size, cover material, brand, panel supplier, application, price band, etc. It will also examine the outlook for UTG vs. CPI capacity, supply/demand, pricing, etc.
  • Dr. Jack Ju, Head of UTG Product Group, SCHOTT
    • New trends and designs of foldable smartphones – so-called “foldables” or “flip phones” – rather demand cover glasses that are flexible and offer a very small bending radius. SCHOTT is presenting a groundbreaking product in this area. Xensation Flex is the first ultra-thin cover glass on the market that enables a bending radius of less than two millimeters after processing and chemical strengthening. SCHOTT started producing several different types of ultra-thin glasses in the 1990s by the down-draw process. The process offers an advantage in that the glass does not need secondary slimming and thus eliminating downstream etching processes that are harmful to the environment. Xensation Flex shines with the unmatched tight dimension precision from macro to micro scales and a flawless surface, in addition to the outstanding ease for processing and strengthening characteristics.

  • Faraz Azadi, R&D Manager, C3Nano
    • C3Nano is widely recognized for developing the highest performance solution coated transparent conductive film, ActiveGrid, which employs a proprietary chemical sintering agent, Nanoglue, which fuses metallic nanowires into a nanoscale metallic grid upon coating and drying. ActiveGrid is an ultra-low haze conductor which has been extensively used in touch sensors for mobile and IT/CE devices. C3Nano has also developed its Activeguard hard coat film which is the industry’s highest rate anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint flexible cover film. The Activeguard films are highly hydrophobic and oleophobic and are single-step solution coated. Carefully selected functionalized nanoparticles in the hardcoat solution eliminate the need for a secondary sputtered anti-fingerprint layer on top, which significantly enhancing the scratch resistance of the hardcoated film. This key advantage, couple with its hardness, flexibility and compatibility with different plastic substrates set Activeguard apart from the competition. The properties, advantages and suitability for current and upcoming flexible device designs will be discussed in more depth in the presentation.

  • Sungchan Lee, Deputy Manager, Kolon
    • Kolon is the leading merchant supplier of CPI films for foldable displays and works with all hard coat suppliers. The cover window structure in flexible or foldable displays is critical for the display module. This presentation will review the current flexible display cover window structure and materials and discuss the development plan for next the development plan for next generation flexible devices.

The smartphone and foldable sessions are just 2 of the 9 sessions in the SID/DSCC Business Conference but are sure to be a highlight. Attendees will access presentations by the leading analysts and executives in the display industry covering the most important market and technology developments in displays. Display Week 2020 will take place from August 3-7 as an entirely virtual event. Attendee registration can be found at:

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