VR Panel Shipments to Reach 15.8M Units in 2022

Published April 11, 2022

Shipments of display panels for virtual reality (VR) will reach double-digits for the first time in 2022, according DSCC’s latest Augmented and Virtual Reality Display Technologies and Market Report . A total of 15.8M panels will find their way into VR headsets this year, with over 80% of the demand expected to come from Meta. While most of today’s VR headsets currently use LCD panels, other display technologies will soon appear. AMOLED will be back, thanks to the launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR2. We expect these AMOLED panels to have a pixel density well above 800 PPI, which is a record high for mass-produced AMOLED. With high contrast displays and no visible screen door effect, the PSVR2 is likely to be a hit among gamers.

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Dr. Guillaume Chansin