Consulting Services

We aim to provide our clients with the most important insights, intelligence and analysis on critical trends affecting the display industry. With an insider view of every part of the display supply chain - from suppliers to manufacturers to brands, distributors and retailers - clients rely on our trusted expertise to assist with:

  • Due diligence
  • Market intelligence
  • Business development
  • Competitive assessment
  • Channel strategies
  • Channel checks
  • Distribution strategies
  • Product strategy
  • Technical analysis
  • M&A support
  • Investment insights
  • Executive guidance
  • Sourcing support
  • Market sizing
  • Market share

We have performed hundreds of consulting projects ranging from $1,000 to $200,000 and can customize to your needs. Consultations are also available to the financial community on both the buy-side and sell-side for public and private firms.

We can also determine market share and market size for every type of display equipment, possessing an install base of every tool in China in units by supplier name.

Contact us at to find out how we can help you make better business decisions.

Recent Projects

  • DSCC recently performed a valuation study on a new display manufacturing technology, putting a precise value on the development using multiple valuation methodologies.
  • DSCC can size and determine market share for every type of display equipment. We recently completed a project on the size of the display repair equipment market as well as market share for thee following segments:
    • Open Defect Repair
    • Cut Repair
    • PI Bubble Repair
    • Cell/Module Repair
    • CF Laser Repair
  • Sizing the automated optical inspection (AOI) market for flexible OLEDs, rigid OLEDs, OLED TVs and a-Si LCD TVs and determining market share, pricing and market/technology trends
  • SIzing the laser cutting market and determining market share, pricing and market/technology trends
  • Determining the cost to build an 8.5G LCD fab in India
  • Smart Window manufacturing comparison with LCD
  • Consumer – grade LCD for automotive use
  • Creating a model to predict ELA supply/demand in tools and panels
  • Determining 10.5G tool capacity and forecasts
  • Helping to educate US states on the display market to bid for Foxconn fabs
  • Helping a large potential display buyer with display purchasing
  • Providing deep insight on foldable technical challenges and market opportunities in the TFE market
  • Determining cost savings from IJP OLED TV panel printing and hybrid printing.
    Quantifying the costs for an innovative process for manufacturing mobile OLEDs without FMMs
  • OLED supply and demand under various scenarios
  • OLED materials market size and outlook​
  • Due diligence on an equipment supplier
  • Cover glass market outlook
  • Projection display market/technology outlook
  • Analyzing the ink jet printing opportunity for OLED pixel printing
  • Cost modeling WOLED and Quantum Dot TVs out to 2021
  • ​Sizing and forecasting the OLED AOI and array test markets
  • Sizing the OLED equipment market​

Custom Presentations

We are also available for on-site presentations on the display market or tutorials on how displays are made.If you are interested in custom consulting or a presentation on site, please contact us at