DSCC’s 2020 Display Market Outlook Virtual Conference

Conference Details
  • Reveals the latest forecasts for 2021 and beyond.
  • Which market segments will grow the fastest?
  • Which display technologies are most likely to outperform?
  • What is the outlook for the display supply chain?
  • Which companies are best/worst positioned?

The talks will be recorded and will stay online for a month.

Attendee Testimonials

The event was well attended and well received. We have received many unsolicited and positive comments such as:

  • “This conference was of extraordinary value. I’d easily pay twice what I paid to attend. Thanks to you and your team for an outstanding effort.”
  • “DSCC’s talks are always useful. You guys do a great job.”
  • “Thank you for a great virtual conference. It was very well done and explains very well the highlights of the markets today.”
  • “Great idea to organize this webinar.”
Event Registration

$349.00 Per Attendee. Please Contact Us About Multiple Pass Discounts.

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Event Agenda

Conference Introduction

Ross Young, Founder and CEO

Display Market Outlook

Yoshio Tamura, Co-Founder and President of Asian Operations

  • Display Demand Forecast by Application
  • Display Investment/Capacity Updates and Fab Utilization Status
  • Display Cost In-depth Analysis by Technology Application - LCD, OLED, MiniLED, Foldable, 8K and more.
  • 50 Minute English Presentation

Advanced TV Market Outlook

Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder and President

  • Latest TV Brand Performance - Winners and Losers
  • Latest Market Developments by Technology
  • Latest Market Forecast by Screen Size, Technology, Region
  • 40 Minute English Presentation

Emerging Technologies: MiniLED and MicroLED Displays

Dr. Guillaume Chansin, Director of Display Research

  • Technology Progress and Challenges
  • Applications and Supply Chain
  • Market Forecasts
  • 40 Minute English Presentation

Smartphone Market Outlook

Ross Young, Founder and CEO

  • Latest Brand and Model Results
  • Latest and Upcoming Innovations
  • Latest Market Forecast by Technology, Brand, 5G, Form Factor and More
  • 40 Minute English Presentation

Chinese AMOLED Display Industry Status and Strategy

Rita Li, Director of China Operations

  • 2020 China AMOLED Suppliers Performance and 2021 Outlook - China Mobile AMOLED Continues in a Surplus
  • Strategy for China AMOLED Manufacturers Under Trade War
  • 40 Minute English Presentation

Foldable and Rollable Market Outlook

Ross Young, Founder and CEO

  • Analysis of 2019-2020 Results by Month/Quarter/Year
  • What is Coming in 2021 and Beyond?
  • What About Rollables?
  • Longer Term Forecast
  • 40 Minute English Presentation

Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Outlook

Ross Young, Founder and CEO

  • Latest Fab Schedules
  • Detailed Equipment Spending Forecasts
  • Equipment Market Share for Key Segments
  • Winners and Losers
  • 40 Minute English Presentation