4th DSCC Japan Seminar

4th DSCC Japan Seminar
Tuesday, October 16th, 2019
Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

The 4th DSCC JAPAN Seminar features DSCC analysts from China and South Korea presenting on display supply chain outlook as well as emerging technologies and materials that could significantly impact the display market outlook. In addition, the event features invited speakers Tom Kang from Counterpoint, a global research firm specializing in research and analysis of smartphones and IoT, and Kikuo Ono from Circle Cross Corporation, which has a reputation for covering the latest technology trends in the display industry.

This event will feature an English-to-Japanese interpreter for English speeches.

Event Agenda

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
China Mobile AMOLED Outlook and Strategy

2019 has been a tough year for China's OLED panel suppliers, but it doesn’t reduce the new investment enthusiasm of AMOLED capacity in China. With the impact of trade war for Huawei, who is the top smartphone brand in China, demand won’t drop but is rising with new technology of HIAA. Will 5G incentivize the next wave of China AMOLED smartphone market in 2020? How is China AMOLED suppliers increase their market share and face the surplus challenge in near future? What are the new opportunities and strategies available to them?

Presentation Topics:

  • Achievements of Chinese OLED manufacturers in 2019
  • Increase in capital investment will drive down the price of OLED panels
  • China's top smartphone brand contributes to the spread of OLED
  • Is 5G popular in China?
  • Will Foldables continue to attract attention?
  • Roadmap by technology trend
  • Strategies and challenges of Chinese OLED manufacturers
  • Supply / demand balance of Chinese mobile OLED
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Reorganization of FPD Manufacturing Equipment Market and Korean Display Business

The LCD market has not stopped its momentum in China Rising, and the second stage of Korean downsizing has begun. With China Rising, Korean FPD manufacturers have to decide "selection and concentration of FPD business by downsizing LCD TV panel business". How to use FPD production line? What kind of strategy do they want to advance? The decision is urgent. With regard to the restructuring scenario of the Korean FPD business, which is noticed by the entire industry, the current status of the FPD production line and the future operation plan will be explained. In addition, the latest technology trends such as QD-OLED, inkjet OLED, and digital exposure machine will be discussed.

​Regarding the global OLED / LCD manufacturing equipment market, he will show the latest market data by process, equipment, and manufacturer. You can find the detailed equipment information only at at DSCC.

Presentation Topics:

  • OLED / LCD Manufacturing Equipment Market: By Process, Equipment, Manufacturer.
  • Korea FPD line reorganization and investment trends:
    • LCD downsizing and introduction of new OLED technologies (QD-OLED, Y-OCTA enhancement, LTPO conversion, etc.)
  • What to do instead of LCD TV downsizing?
  • FPD New Technology Trend (Inkjet OLED, Digital Exposure Machine)
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
US-China Trade War and 5G Impact on The Smartphone Market

​Presentation Topics:

  • US-China trade war and the Huawei impact
  • 5G: is the uptake faster or slower than 4G?
  • Chinese smartphones OEMs: who will be the next Huawei?
  • Consumer trends on feature sets and new form factors (including foldables)
  • Camera trends in smartphones
  • The connected universe expanding: IoT forecasts by verticals, connected cars, new consumer electronics(hearables, micro mobility etc.)
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Development of Advanced New Technology Analysis From SID 2019 - Foldable OLED & Micro LED

Currently, there is a competition fighting for the leading role of device technology in all FPD markets. Among the new technologies, we will fully clarify technological comparison on foldable OLEDs for the 5G era and Micro LED technology, which is expected to evolve in the future. Ono with a strong display engineering background will share the analysis based on information from SID 2019 and the latest patent information

​Presentation Topics:

  • Competition in the Display Market – Which technology will change and take a lead?
  • Foldable OLED in the 5G Era
    • How 5G impact display technology and how the foldable Smartphone will change?
    • Technology of foldable film cover with inside the Galaxy Fold
    • OLED impoved its impulsivity and aims to be scratchable.
  • Future of new concept display with Micro LED based on the development from SID 2019.
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
World Foldable Display Technology and Market Prospect

This presentation will explain the technical issues and solutions of foldable displays, panel structures, etc., and the 2019-2020 foldable display roadmap (latest products scheduled for release by each panel manufacturer and each set manufacturer) We will explain the ding type and cover window specifications. Based on this latest roadmap, we will take a deep dive into the foldable market.

Presentation Topics

  • Recent changes in the display market.
  • Technical issues and solutions for foldable displays.
  • 2019-2020 foldable product roadmap (specification performance by smartphone / IT brand).
  • DSCC Foldable Market Latest Forecast.
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
2019/2020 Key Points of Mobile OLED Demand

The global smartphone market in 2019 is expected to show negative growth for the second consecutive year, but from 2020, it is expected to shift to positive growth due to the shift to 5G. The 5G models to increase battery space, which leads to demand for light and flexible OLEDs. In terms of year-on-year growth in OLED for smartphones in 2019, flexible OLED will only increase by 3%, but rigid OLED will increase by 17% for the first time in three years. In the OLED market, the rigid demand has increased due to lower product prices and the use of fingerprint authentication sensors. Another reason is that the rise of the foldable market was delayed.​

​2020 OLED demand for smartphones is expected to increase by 28% year-on-year to 625 million (2019: 487 million) units. Based on the adoption of the OLED 3 model in the iPhone 2020 model, flexible is expected to increase by 170 million from the previous year to 270 million, and rigid is expected to increase by 10% from the previous year. Successful foldable products and increased demand will also be key points for 2020.