AR/VR Display Forum


Registration is now open for the AR/VR Display Forum, November 3-4, 2021!

Includes full access to the event and access to content for 30 days after the event.


Virtual Conference and Expo

DSCC is pleased to offer a new virtual event fully dedicated to the emerging display technologies for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Featuring speakers from leading companies in the industry, the conference will discuss the latest progress to manufacture and commercialize the displays that will enable immersive AR and VR headsets with high resolution, wide field of view and longer battery life.

Powered by the Accelevents platform, this event will offer live presentations, Q&A with the speakers, networking with participants and an exhibition space.

All attendees will be able to watch recordings of the presentations for 30 days after the event.

Who Should Attend?

This event is targeted at professionals developing AR/VR headsets, display modules, optics, manufacturing equipment and materials.

Technology watchers and analysts will also learn about the key suppliers and their progress.

Exhibition and Sponsorship

The AR/VR Display Forum will feature an exhibition space for suppliers across the value chain. Sponsorship is also available.

Please contact if you wish to exhibit.

Event Agenda

How the Display Industry is Changing

David Naranjo, Senior Director of DSCC, will open the conference with an overview of the trends in the industry and the impact on display makers. Applied Materials will then present some of their manufacturing innovations enabling advanced displays for AR/VR.

Status of AR/VR Today

Will AR/VR become a mainstream consumer market? This session will look at the rapid evolution of devices and technologies available and will discuss how to bring AR/VR to the masses.

Making More Immersive Displays for AR and VR

What are the challenges to make more immersive visual experiences? We will discuss the specific requirements for display components in AR and VR.

Advances in Laser Beam Scanning Technologies

Laser Beam Scanning is an emerging technology already in use in AR headsets. We will hear from two leading companies in this field about the progress in miniaturization and power consumption.

Micro OLED Innovations and Investments

This session will cover the innovative techniques to increase resolution and brightness. We will also examine the investments in Micro OLED fabs, notably in China.

Waveguides for See-Through AR

Waveguides enable see-through optics for AR in a thin form factor. We will discuss the capabilities of mass-produced waveguides and the future trends.

MicroLED Manufacturing

MicroLED displays have a huge potential in AR/VR due to their high brightness and high contrast. This session will explore new techniques to lower manufacturing costs

MicroLED Commercialization

​Join this session to hear leading companies discuss the commercialization roadmap of MicroLED displays for AR/VR

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