AR/VR Display Forum


Registration is now open for the AR/VR Display Forum, November 3-4, 2021!

Register now and save $50 with Early Bird pricing, ends September 30th. This includes full access to the event and access to content for 30 days after the event.


Virtual Conference and Expo

DSCC is pleased to offer a new virtual event fully dedicated to the emerging display technologies for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Featuring speakers from leading companies in the industry, the conference will discuss the latest progress to manufacture and commercialize the displays that will enable immersive AR and VR headsets with high resolution, wide field of view and longer battery life.

Powered by the Accelevent platform, this event will offer live presentations, Q&A with the speakers, networking with participants and an exhibition space.

All attendees will be able to watch recordings of the presentations for 30 days after the even

Covering All the Major Trends in the Industry

AR and VR applications will be growing at a fast pace in the coming years and will represent a multi-billion opportunity for display manufacturers. DSCC forecasts annual revenues for AR/VR displays to reach $4.2B by 2026.

The display engine will be critical to the success of any AR/VR headset or smart glasses. However, the display manufacturers will have to push the performance beyond what is usually required from flat panel displays in smartphones.

The conference will address all the latest trends, including:

  • How to increase resolution and field of view
  • MicroLED commercialization and manufacturing
  • Increasing the brightness of Micro OLED displays
  • The emergence of laser beam scanning (LBS) technologies
  • High performance LCD for VR and video passthrough AR
  • Waveguides and see-through optics for AR
  • Advanced techniques (foveated displays, multi focal planes, etc…)

Who Should Attend?

This event is targeted at professionals developing AR/VR headsets, display modules, optics, manufacturing equipment and materials.

Technology watchers and analysts will also learn about the key suppliers and their progress.

Exhibition and Sponsorship

The AR/VR Display Forum will feature an exhibition space for suppliers across the value chain. Sponsorship is also available.

Please contact if you wish to exhibit.


We are currently looking for speakers covering the following topics:

  • Next generation displays with high resolution and wide field of view
  • MicroLED displays
  • Advances in OLED patterning and OLED brightness
  • Laser scanning technologies
  • Waveguides and advanced optics for AR/VR
  • Video Passthrough AR
  • Foveated displays and eye-tracking integration
  • Advanced 3D displays

If you would like to speak in the conference, please send a short abstract to

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