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At the Global Display Supply Chain Dynamics & Technology Outlook Conference, DSCC will hold a virtual conference in Q4 where its experts from around the world will provide attendees with the latest display market results, forecasts and key display market and technology trends while also discussing key issues facing the display supply chain. 2023 has been another difficult year for the display industry, but may likely represent the bottom of the latest cycle with significantly better times ahead in 2024 and beyond.

DSCC and Counterpoint analysts will address what lies ahead in 2024, how each market segment is likely to perform, how display technologies and costs are evolving, where panel prices and margins are headed and which companies are likely to outperform.

Event Agenda

Display Market Outlook

The display industry enjoyed and then suffered the wildest turn of the Crystal Cycle caused by the pandemic. As the industry recovers from its post-pandemic slump, we review the state of the industry in 2023 and our outlook through 2027. This presentation will highlight the most important technology advancements which will affect the display industry and will include our long-term outlook for the display market by application and technology.

The Global TV Market Post-Pandemic

The TV market saw its best year ever at the height of the pandemic and then experienced a slump after the pandemic abated. The top three global brands – Samsung, LG and Sony – have seen their revenues and market share decline but have maintained their profitability. Meanwhile, two Chinese brands – Hisense and TCL – have been aggressively targeting developed markets to gain share with increasingly competitive technologies. We review the brand battle in the TV market at a global and regional level, and describe the key technologies that compete for the premium market, including MiniLED, WOLED, QD-OLED, MicroLED and others. This presentation will include our forecast for TV demand by screen size category and by display technology.

Regional Trends in the Global Smartphone Market

This presentation will examine the latest insights from Counterpoint’s regional smartphone data. It will reveal which countries are outperforming and which are underperforming in 2023 and what is expected in 2024. It will also examine other important product and market trends.

Advanced Smartphone Market Outlook

This talk will examine the latest results and outlook for the smartphone display market including the latest smartphone shipments, near term forecasts, cost and price outlook, etc. This talk will leverage DSCC’s Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker, Smartphone Display Cost Report and other reports. It will also examine which brands and panel suppliers took share in 2023 and are best positioned to gain ground in 2024.

Foldable Smartphone and IT Market Outlook

DSCC CEO Ross Young will examine the Q3’23 foldable smartphone results and a new forecast for Q4’23 and beyond. 2023 is turning out better than expected for foldable smartphones with Q4’23 tracking well above expectations on the latest supply chain survey results. Is this a result of Samsung outperforming with its Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 launch, other brands gaining share, 2024 models being pulled in or a combination of all of the above? You will need to hear Ross’s talk to find out. In his talk, he also covers the latest market and technology trends for foldable smartphones and if/when Apple is expected to enter. In addition, Ross will cover the latest outlook for foldable IT products including various company roadmaps.

Chinese OLED Maker's 2024 Business Plan and Strategy

China's flexible OLED suppliers have gained share through fierce price competition and have helped grow the flexible OLED market at the expense of rigid OLEDs. Moving forward, China’s OLED suppliers need to continue to raise their technical capabilities under the brand’s requirements to keep up with Samsung Display which continues to raise the bar on display performance and quality. This presentation will examine each Chinese OLED suppliers’ strategy including technology commercialization plans, capacity, allocation by customer, price trends and cost reduction efforts.

IT Display Market Outlook

The growth of displays for notebook PCs, monitors and tablets for the commercial and consumer segments slowed in 2022 and in the first half of 2023, The second half of 2023 is expected to see a recovery as a result of improved brand and channel inventories, back-to-school seasonality, holidays seasonality and commercial demand for AI performance for PCs. This presentation will summarize DSCC's latest results and outlook for the advanced IT display segment, highlighting the competitive landscape for advanced IT displays (OLED and MiniLED LCDs) and the key drivers that are expected to enable them to coexist and fuel continued growth. These key drivers include the expectation that Apple will enter the OLED tablet category in 2024, panel cost and price reductions, new G8.7 fab investments, new technologies, current/future brand positioning and improved display performance.

AMOLED Materials Market

This presentation will cover DSCC’s latest view on the:

  • AMOLED Materials Market
  • Supply Chain
  • Emitting Materials Technology Trends and Issues - Phosphorescent Blue, TADF, Deuterium, Stacks(IT/TV), Plasmon Enhancement, etc.
MiniLED Market Potential and Expansion Outlook

It has been more than two years since Apple released the iPad Pro with a MiniLED backlight. Apple has successfully started the MiniLED trend. MiniLED has been introduced into various applications such as IT, TV, AR/VR and Automotive. However, high cost, lack of standardization and an inefficient supply-chain limit the penetration rate of MiniLED. At the same time, MiniLED is facing strong competition from another emerging display technology - OLED. How to break through the current obstacles has become an urgent issue. This presentation will provide a comprehensive analysis and future development of MiniLED.

Emerging Technologies: Outlook on MicroLED and AR/VR Displays

This presentation will summarize key findings from DSCC's latest reports on MicroLED and AR/VR displays.

MicroLED is a promising new display technology, but manufacturing costs are still high. A target application is wearables (smart watches) because of the requirements for high brightness and long battery life. For large screens such as TVs, it will be challenging to compete on cost against OLED and MiniLED LCD. DSCC still expects MicroLED shipments to grow but it will take time to reach a significant market share.

Meanwhile, the AR/VR market remains a battleground for display technologies. Apple and a few other brands have adopted OLED-on-Silicon, but LCD is still expected to dominate in the short term. For smart glasses with see-through waveguides, full color MicroLED is seen by many as the Holy Grail. However, other technologies such as LCoS and laser beam scanning (LBS) are still in the race.

Display Capex and Manufacturing Technology Outlook

This talk will reveal how Apple’s IT roadmap is impacting fab schedules. It reveals fab schedules for LCDs, OLEDs, Micro OLEDs and MicroLEDs. It will also present DSCC’s latest display equipment spending forecasts breaking it out by frontplane, backplane, application, tool category, equipment, manufacturer and supplier. Equipment spending revenues are forecasted by supplier for 2024. It will also examine the latest trends in OLED manufacturing revealing the latest developments in high mobility oxide backplanes and the different approaches being developed for patterning OLEDs at ½ G8.7. In addition, capex is contrasted for FMM VTE fabs at G8.7 with high mobility oxide and LTPO backplanes vs. high mobility oxide fabs with photo patterning.

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