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DSCC Display Analysts Speaking in 5 Events Across 3 Countries In Next 60 Days

Austin, TX -

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) is pleased to announce that three of its analysts will be speaking all over the world over the next 60 days in response to strong demand for its outlook on all aspects of the display market.

January 25th - 26th: Shanghai, China

DSCC Director of China Operations Rita Li will be speaking on January 26th at the 7th China International OLEDs Summit. She will be presenting DSCC’s latest OLED outlook covering supply, demand, technical trends, China’s supply outlook and more. Click Here for event registration information.

February 8th: Costa Mesa, California

DSCC President Bob O’Brien will present at the SID Los Angeles Chapter’s One Day Technical and Business Conference on Emerging Display Technologies. Bob will open the event with a presentation consisting of an overview of the flat panel display industry and describe the main drivers of industry growth in the main applications for display. The presentation will discuss the growth of OLED in phones, driven by massive investments in new capacity, that will lead to OLED dominating the phone space with larger screen sizes and innovative form factors. Also discussed will be OLED technology establishing itself in the premium TV segment with top performance, and the capacity limitations that will keep the technology from proliferating to the mainstream. The presentation will close with a look at the wave of investment for Gen 10.5 capacity, plus continued innovations in applying quantum dot technology, that will allow LCD to sustain and grow its massive installed base and continue to dominate mainstream applications. Click Here for event registration information.

February 12th - 15th: Monterey, California

DSCC CEO Ross Young will present DSCC’s view on the flexible display market at the Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition in Monterey, California. On February 13th, Ross will present DSCC’s flexible display market outlook covering supply and demand as well as the manufacturing challenges associated with flexible, foldable and rollable displays. Click Here for event registration information.

February 28th – March 1st: Nuremberg, Germany

DSCC’s Bob O’Brien is keynoting at the Electronic Displays Conference 2018, held February 28th – March 1st in Nuremberg, Germany. His presentation on March 1st, entitled "OLED Market, Technology and Manufacturing," will review the advantages for OLED technology in both smartphone and TV applications, and detail the wave of capacity additions, which will enable OLED to dominate the smartphone space and boost its position in the premium TV space. Innovations in materials, process technology and equipment will allow this technology to continue to improve performance, enabling innovative form factors and new applications. The future of OLED is bright as this technology will hit its stride going into the 2020s. Click Here for event registration information.

March 13-14: San Diego, California

DSCC’s Ross Young will present at the 2018 Quantum Dots Forum in San Diego on March 13th. Ross will discuss DSCC’s view on the outlook for Quantum Dot TVs including various implementations such as QD enhancement films, QDs on glass light guides, QD color filters and even QD OLEDs. He will compare QD costs vs. OLEDs and provide a shipment forecast and strategic recommendations to QD players. Click Here for event registration information.

To set up meetings with DSCC analysts at these events, please contact In addition, if you would like a DSCC representative at your event, please contact Dustin at (832) 451-4909.

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