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DSCC Launches Quarterly OLED Materials Report

Austin, TX -

With the OLED materials market set to grow rapidly given the record OLED fab spending expected in 2017 and 2018, DSCC has been approached by numerous supply chain participants to develop a report that tracks shipments, revenues and pricing for the OLED materials market and forecasts these parameters out at least 4 years. This new report will track all the major materials used to produce flexible OLEDs, rigid OLEDs and OLED TVs including:

  • Small molecule and soluble polymer emissive layers (EML)
  • Hole injection layers (HIL)
  • Hole transport layers (HTL)
  • Electron transport layers (ETL)

In addition, this new quarterly report will also track and forecast:

  • Circular polarizers
  • Sealant material
  • Polyimide for flexible OLEDs

The DSCC Quarterly OLED Materials Report will provide 2016 - 2021 data including:

  • Shipment volumes and revenue projections
  • Average prices (ASPs)
  • Segmented by
    • Panel supplier
    • Application - Mobile, TV, Other
    • Form factor - rigid vs. flexible

For more information, please visit Early subscribers will be eligible for a discount.

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