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DSCC Releases 10 Predictions for the Display Industry in 2022

Austin, TX -

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), the world’s leading firm focused solely on flat panel display industry insight, has released a complimentary white paper, 10 Predictions for the Display Industry in 2022”.

“We are pleased to offer this whitepaper to all those interested in the flat panel display industry,” said Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant of DSCC. “We started this tradition in January 2019, and each year we have brought increased expertise to our outlook. We cover the issues of the greatest relevance to the display industry with a view to making aggressive predictions – no safe bets.”

The 2021 version of DSCC’s 10 Predictions series accurately foresaw that “Taiwan panel makers will have their best year in more than a decade”; pending Q4 results it appears that Taiwan panel makers will have their most profitable year ever. In January 2021, DSCC also accurately predicted that “LCD TV panel prices will remain higher than 2020 levels until Q4” – prices peaked in June 2021 but remained higher than 2020 levels until October.

Overall, in 2021, DSCC was right on eight in ten predictions. “We were a little too aggressive in our outlook on MiniLED,” said O’Brien. “We knew growth of MiniLED devices would be stratospheric in 2021, from fewer than 500k in 2020 we predicted 8 million devices in 2021. While the final numbers are not in, we now expect 7.3 million MiniLED devices, covering TVs, monitors, notebooks and tablets.”

In 2022, DSCC’s 10 Predictions paper covers predictions on key topics in the display industry, including:

  • LCD TV panel prices
  • OLED TV panel shipments
  • Samsung Display’s Quantum Display or QD OLED
  • US-China Trade War impact on the display supply chain
  • Apple’s AR/VR headset
  • Blue OLED emitter technology
  • LCD capacity expansions
  • Inflation in semiconductors and other display components
  • Display industry consolidation
  • OLED vs. MiniLED in IT applications

Interested clients can view the white paper here.

About DSCC

DSCC, a Counterpoint Research Company, is the leader in advanced display market research with offices across all the key manufacturing centers and markets of East Asia as well as the US and UK. It was formed by experienced display market analysts from across the display supply chain and delivers valuable insights, data and supply chain analyses on the display industry through consulting, syndicated reports and events. Its accurate and timely analyses help businesses navigate the complexities of the display supply chain.