SID/DSCC Business Conference Smartphone Session to Discuss Near and Long Term Market Outlook and OLED Developments

La Jolla, CA -

The 2024 SID/DSCC Business Conference will feature numerous insightful talks about the smartphone market and smartphone display technology. The Smartphone Session will feature talks from:

  • Jeff Fieldhack, Research Director, Counterpoint Research
  • Dr. Mike Hack, VP of Business Development, Universal Display Corp.
  • Michael Helander, Co-Founder and CEO, OTI Lumionics
  • Michele Ricks, Business Development Manager, OLED Materials, EMD Electronics

In addition, there will be talks in the Keynote and Analyst Sessions on smartphones, coming from:

  • Ross Young, Co-Founder and CEO, DSCC
  • Yasuo Nakane, Global Head of Technology Research, Mizuho Securities

Topics to be covered include:

  • Smartphone results and outlook by country, brand, panel supplier, display technology, smartphone and panel ASPs, etc.
  • What is an AI smartphone? Will it drive a smartphone upgrade cycle?
  • Foldable and rollable smartphone outlook.
  • Smartphone brand product and technology roadmaps.
  • Panel supplier and chipset supplier product and technology roadmaps.
  • Display efficiency roadmaps.
  • Blue phosphorescent OLED emitter update.
  • Deuterium benefits and adoption outlook.
  • Impact of eliminating PFAS chemicals in the display industry – requiring new panel designs, process technology and materials.

SID/DSCC Business Conference Smartphone Speakers

The SID/DSCC Business Conference will take place on Monday, May 13th at the San Jose Convention Center. For registration and other information, please visit:


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