Technology Battle in TVs to be Highlighted at the 2024 SID/DSCC Business Conference

La Jolla, CA -

The 2024 SID/DSCC Business Conference will feature presentations from four distinguished speakers with decades of experience in the display and TV industries. The TV Displays session will feature talks from:

  • Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst, DSCC
  • Paul Gagnon, VP and Industry Advisor – Consumer Technology, Circana
  • Dr. ZhongSheng Luo, VP Sales and GM Product Development, Nanosys
  • Dr. Rachel Cassidy, MBA, CLP, VP - Business Development, GE Aerospace

“TV remains the essential application in the display industry. It drives the majority of display area and is expected to drive the majority of display area growth. When the TV market is healthy and growing, so is the display industry, but the reverse is also true,” said Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst at DSCC. “The 2024 Business Conference will once again inform participants on the direction of the TV market and technologies in the coming years, and its impact on the wider display industry.”

The presentations will cover the state of the industry and the market, which is struggling to recover from the boom-and-bust demand cycle of the pandemic. The speakers will address:

  • Which brands, features and technologies are seeing growth in the market today?
  • What technology developments do we expect to move the market?
  • How much are consumers willing to pay for technology?
  • How should we expect consumers to spend in the next few years?
  • Where do the opportunities lie for revenue growth?
  • Who is winning to control the operating system in the TV?
  • What impact will a changing business model have on sales?
  • How will brands balance the cost of new technologies against consumers’ willingness to pay?
  • What impact will new materials have on picture performance?
  • And much more.

SID/DSCC Business Conference TV Displays Speakers

The SID/DSCC Business Conference will take place on Monday, May 13th at the San Jose Convention Center. For registration and other information, please visit: https://www.displaysupplychain.com/events/2024-sid-dscc-business-conference-at-display-week

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