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The SID/DSCC Business Conference Covers Revived IT Display Sector

Austin, TX -

The 2021 SID/DSCC Virtual Business Conference at DisplayWeek, sponsored by Applied Materials, Corning, GE, OTI, Radiant Vision Systems and TOK, will feature over 40 different talks on all aspects of the display industry. One of five application-oriented sessions of the conference will address the market for displays in IT, which have been so critical for the worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The session entitled “Displays in IT Applications” will feature presentations from one of the industry’s brightest analysts from IDC, plus executives from three companies with critical roles in the value chain for IT products.

“In the years leading up to 2020, the IT industry was taken for granted as part of the display portfolio. The pandemic has reinforced the importance of these devices as drivers of communication, productivity and entertainment for billions of people around the world,” said Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder & Principal Analyst at DSCC. “One year into the pandemic, we may all suffer from Zoom fatigue, but tablets, notebooks and monitors saved lives as well as livelihoods by making remote working possible. This session in the Business Conference will show the important developments in displays in this critical sector.”

The presenters are shown below, and their bios are on our website and can be reached from

Displays in IT Applications Presenters

Each presenter’s talk is summarized below:

Ryan Reith, Program Vice President, Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers, IDC

From 2012 through 2018 the PC market experienced 7 continuous years of decline largely because the world had largely shifted to mobile device as the primary compute mechanism. In 2019 the industry saw a modest return to growth largely driven by companies transitioning their systems to newer Windows 10 machines before the end of Windows 7 support. Then in 2020 the pandemic hits and cripples the world in many ways unimaginable pre-pandemic. However, for the PC industry this was the beginning of a resurgence.

For the PC industry 2020 included challenges around logistics, supply chain, and overall, just meeting demand, but the result was 13% growth and almost 300 million PCs shipped. And the trend did not stop with 2020. IDC believes the PC market will grow another 18% in 2021 with volumes reaching 2010 levels which was a time when PCs were still going gangbusters. All segments – business, education, consumer, gaming – were part of this growth and all still have room to grow. IDC believe a fundamental shift has happened around the PC and the impact will be positive into the outer years of the forecast.

In this session we will go through some of the details of what has happened since early 2020 with regards to personal computers and tablets, including details around supply chain, form factor shifts, and current market situation. This talk will also get into some details about where IDC now sees the PC market headed.

John Jacobs, Director of Strategic Alliances, AMD

A discussion of AMD’s view of the notebook PC market, describing our successes and challenges. Particular attention will be focused on AMD’s Strategic Alliances Organization and how the group collaborates with the PC ecosystem to improve the UX (User Experience) of PC buyers. Additional areas of discussion will include AMD’s desires and expectations for platform growth and potential engagement opportunities.

Jeff Volpe, President, ViewSonic Americas

After a year of unprecedented challenges, corporations and schools alike still face unpredictable future. Today, as workers cautiously head back to offices, a new hybrid work paradigm is emerging. Likewise, as educators and students return to school, new ways of teaching and learning are necessary to accommodate a new mix of distance learning with in-classroom education. The key to successful hybrid work and hybrid education is the adoption of display solutions and collaboration technologies that connect teams, drive virtual productivity, create immersive and engaging experiences, and enable content creation and delivery – from any geographic location. In this session, Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas, will discuss market trends and the role of display technology and collaboration solutions.

Kunjal Parikh, Principal Engineer, Intel

This talk will focus on the latest industry insights on the PC business, the role that Intel is playing to influence PC innovation with Intel Evo branding and exciting opportunities for the display industry to help drive over million a day PC demand to accelerate digital transformation in the post COVID-19 era.

The Displays in IT Applications session is just one of the nine sessions in the 2021 SID/DSCC Virtual Business Conference at DisplayWeek but will highlight the segment in the display industry with the greatest impact from the pandemic. Attendees will access presentations by the leading analysts and executives in the display industry covering the most important market and technology developments in displays. Display Week 2021 will take place from May 17-21 as an entirely virtual event.

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