The SID/DSCC Business Conference Will Highlight TV Technology

Austin, TX -

The 2022 SID/DSCC Business Conference at DisplayWeek, sponsored by Applied Materials, Corning, GE and Amorphyx will feature over 35 different talks on all aspects of the display industry. One of five application-oriented sessions of the conference will address the market for TVs and TV displays, which is so critical for the supply/demand balance of the display industry.

The session entitled “TV Display Technology and Markets” will feature presentations from three analysts, representing DSCC, The NPD Group and Omdia, plus executives from two companies providing materials for advanced TV displays. Combined, the speakers in the TV session have more than a century of experience in displays and TV, to be able to inform our audience of the latest developments.

“My own presentation will bring DSCC’s insight of the TV supply chain and TV display technology,” said Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder, Principal Analyst and CFO, DSCC, “and I have chosen the other two analysts for their deep knowledge and longstanding analysis of the TV industry. I have known both Stephen Baker and Paul Gray for decades, and I am certain that attendees will value their insight and perspective as I do.”

The presenters are shown below and their bios are on our website and can be reached from


TV Display Technology and Markets Presenters

Bob O’Brien’s presentation will describe the roller-coaster of the flat panel TV industry during the pandemic. Demand for LCD TV panels pulled panel prices from all-time lows to their highest point in years, boosting profitability for panel makers through mid-2021 before the industry shifted to oversupply and prices fell at their fastest pace ever. This presentation will review the state of the industry for major brands and panel makers, and the battle for the premium segment among competing brands and technologies including QD-OLED, White OLED, MiniLED and MicroLED. It will draw from DSCC’s reports on TV cost and advanced TV shipments and describe the strategies of major global TV brands as they compete for the premium TV market.

Stephen Baker is NPD’s primary voice on hardware. Baker has been commenting on the technology industry for more than 20 years. He was ranked as a leading industry analyst by AdWeek’s Technology Marketing. Prior to NPD, Baker served as a hardware and channel expert at PC Data and IDC. Baker started his career at Staples in 1986, helping to open the first office superstore in the US.

Baker will bring his extensive experience and unique perspective on the dynamics of US retail TV demand. Baker draws on NPD’s unparalleled point-of-sale (POS) data to generate insights on product trends, pricing and the critical success factors for brands and technologies in the US TV market.

Paul Gray leads the home devices research at Omdia, spanning television sets, smart home, consumer electronics and domestic appliances. His main research area is TV sets, focusing on the European region, broadcast technology, smart TV, and new TV features. Paul is also heavily engaged in researching the development of the Ultra HD ecosystem. Paul has more than 10 years’ experience at analyst companies including DisplaySearch, IHS Markit and Omdia after two decades of work in the TV set supply chain working for NXP and Philips in semiconductors and displays.

Jason Hartlove of Nanosys has been a regular contributor to the Business Conference for years. Hartlove’s vision for Nanosys has led the company to successfully pioneer and develop Quantum Dot based display technologies. Today, Nanosys maintains a nearly 100% market share for materials used in these ultra-bright displays with lifelike colors sold by companies including Samsung, Vizio, Hisense, TCL, Acer, Asus and Sharp. Hartlove will describe the critical role of quantum dots in the continuing advance of display technology in a variety of forms, from films to inkjet printed color converters to the potential for electroluminescent quantum dots. These nanomaterials already have made a big impact on the display industry, and Hartlove will describe their continuing development in the next generation of displays.

Finally, the session will include a speaker from Corning yet to be named. Corning has been the leading provider of glass substrates for LCD and OLED displays since the emergence of flat panel technology in the 1980s, and the company continues to innovate to drive advances in display technology. Corning recently announced that Samsung has selected Corning’s Astra glass for SDC’s new line of Quantum Dot displays panels (QD-OLED), key to enabling a new line of premium TVs and monitors.

The TV Display Technology and Market session is just one of the 10 sessions in the 2022 SID/DSCC Business Conference at DisplayWeek. Display Week 2022 will take place from May 9th to May 13th and will be on-site at the San Jose Convention Center. The SID/DSCC Business Conference will kick-off Display Week with both on-site and virtual attendance options. There are attendance options for both on-site and virtual attendees. The event will include a day’s worth of content live, streamed and recorded on May 9th as well as a second day’s worth of virtual talks available on demand after the event. To register, visit https://www.displayweek.org/20...

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