Press Releases from March 2021

DSCC Announces Sponsors, Sessions and Speakers for the 2021 SID/DSCC Business Conference

March 3, 2021

Registration is now available for the 2021 SID/DSCC Business Conference. The SID/DSCC Business Conference is the display industry's largest and longest running business conference with participation from industry executives and leading financial and market analysts from across the globe. The event will take place on May 17th which will include pre-recorded talks followed by presenter interviews.Read More

LG and Sony Led OLED TV Gains in Advanced TV Market in Q4

March 3, 2021

While in recent years OLED TV has seen its share of the premium TV market deteriorate, OLED TVs and the brands that sell them regained much of that lost ground in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to the new DSCC Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment and Forecast Report, now available to subscribers. This report covers the worldwide premium TV market, including the most advanced TV technologies: WOLED, QD Display, QDEF, Dual Cell LCD and MiniLED with 4K and 8K resolution.Read More

AR/VR Displays Will Take Center Stage at the SID/DSCC Business Conference

March 29, 2021

DSCC has announced the speaker lineup for the Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) session at the SID/DSCC Business Conference. The session will feature two leading analysts and four CEOs of innovative companies in the AR/VR industry. Innovations in OLED and MicroLED will be covered, as well as opportunities for the display industry.Read More