Press Releases

Press Releases

Samsung Dominated Q4’21 Foldable Smartphones with a 96% Share, DSCC Expects 86M Foldable/Rollable Panels in 2026 Across 4 Applications

February 28, 2022

DSCC’s Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Shipment and Technology Report revealed that Q4’21 foldable smartphone shipments rose 65% Q/Q and 520% Y/Y to a record high 4.25M units. o Samsung led with a 96% share on shipments of 4.1M. Samsung has benefited from a strong focus on this category as it looks to grow its flagship share as well as a large technology and capacity lead in foldable displays from its panel business - Samsung Display (SDC). This has resulted not only in a large lead in displays, but ultra thin glass (UTG) as well. According to DSCC Co-Founder and CEO, Ross Young, “Samsung is fortunate that its largest likely competitor, Apple, is not in this market segment and its second largest potential competitor, Huawei, is facing numerous restrictions, which have prevented it from getting panels from Korea or 5G chips. Most of its other potential competitors (Google, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi) are all relying exclusively on Samsung Display in 2022 for panels and UTG, giving Samsung significant influence over the foldable display supply chain. Most of the Chinese brands’ foldable programs have been relatively small in volume and short-lived. Thus, we should expect Samsung to continue to dominate this market although they will inevitably lose some ground as more brands enter.”Read More

DSCC Announces Call for Speakers for 2022 SID/DSCC Business Conference – On Site and Virtual Options Exist

February 14, 2022

DSCC and the Society for Information Display (SID) are pleased to announce a call for speakers for the 2022 SID/DSCC Business Conference. SID awarded the organization and execution of the SID Business Conference to DSCC for the 6th straight year. The SID/DSCC Business Conference is typically the largest event in the display industry dedicated to the business aspects of the $165B display industry with over 300 attendees annually.Read More

DSCC Releases 10 Predictions for the Display Industry in 2022

January 4, 2022

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), the world’s leading firm focused solely on flat panel display industry insight, has released a complimentary whitepaper, “10 Predictions for the Display Industry in 2022”. “We are pleased to offer this whitepaper to all those interested in the flat panel display industry,” said Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant of DSCC. “We started this tradition in January 2019, and each year we have brought increased expertise to our outlook. We cover the issues of the greatest relevance to the display industry with a view to making aggressive predictions – no safe bets.”Read More

Q3’21 Was a Record Quarter for Foldable Smartphones, Samsung Enjoys a 93% Share per DSCC Report

November 30, 2021

Q3’21 was a record quarter for foldable smartphone shipments as expected, given the successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 as revealed in DSCC’s latest Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Shipment and Technology Report. How strong was it? “Q3’21 foldable smartphone shipments were larger than the previous four quarters combined and grew 215% Q/Q and 480% Y/Y to 2.6M phones. Samsung accounted for a 93% share of foldable smartphone shipments with Huawei #2 at 6%. Samsung’s August release of its improved foldables, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, at more attractive prices along with strong promotional efforts and attractive trade-ins ensured the unprecedented growth of the foldable market. Furthermore, additional growth is expected in Q4’21 when the products are available for a full quarter,” according to DSCC Co-Founder and CEO, Ross Young.Read More

DSCC Forecasts $1B in Revenues for MicroLED Displays in New Report

November 15, 2021

The market for MicroLED displays will quickly grow to surpass $1B in revenues in the next five years, according to DSCC’s new MicroLED Display Technology and Market Outlook Report. While MicroLED will generally remain a niche display technology in consumer electronics, it will be adopted in three major applications: TV, Wearables and AR/VR.Read More

DSCC Reveals Apple Dominates Q3’21 AMOLED Smartphone Panel Procurement, 2nd Best AMOLED Quarter to Date

October 11, 2021

DSCC has released its latest Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Features Report and revealed its preliminary Q3’21 AMOLED smartphone unit and revenue results. In Q3’21, AMOLED smartphone panels rose 21% Q/Q and 31% Y/Y to 160M panels, the second-best quarterly result to date. The iPhone 13 dominated with a 30% share on a panel shipment timeline. Apple’s AMOLED panel procurement overtook Samsung’s reaching a 36% share, up from 19% in Q2’21, while Samsung’s share rose from 22% to 23%. Xiaomi was #3 in Q3’21 with a 10% share, down from 16%.Read More


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