Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment and Forecast Report

Report Summary

This report covers the worldwide premium TV market, including the most advanced TV technologies: WOLED, QD Display, QDEF, Dual Cell LCD and MiniLED with 4K and 8K resolution. This report looks at current and future TV shipments and revenues by technology, region, brand, resolution and size, and forecasts the growth of all of these technologies. The report includes the preliminary shipment result of the current quarter.

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    Excel (Market Data) + PDF (Analysis of Data)
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    Latest Version - April 2024
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Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary p. 4
  • What Has Changed This Quarter? p. 6
  • Methodology p. 8
  • TV Shipment Results p. 12
  • TV Shipment Forecast p. 43
  • Advanced TV Models p. 75
  • Advanced TV Panel Costs p. 85
  • Advanced TV Technologies p. 89
With this report, you can find out:
  • How big is the OLED TV market projected to grow?
  • How will OLED TV be split between competing technologies?
  • How well do advanced LCD technologies like QDEF, Dual Cell, and MiniLED compete against OLED?
  • Which brands have been successful, by volume and revenue?
  • How is the TV market split by region?
  • Which brands have strengths / weaknesses in which regions?
  • Which brands are the largest buyers of OLEDs? Of QDEFs?
  • How fast is 8K growing?
  • Which screen sizes are becoming dominant?
  • How does screen size distribution vary by region?
  • What is the demand for Gen 10.5 optimized sizes: 65” and 75”?
  • What is the demand for >75” TV?

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