Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report

Report Summary

This report includes all of DSCC's content on OLED and LCD fab schedules, OLED and LCD capacity and LCD and OLED equipment market sizes, market share and forecasts for 79 different segments. All design wins and units by fab by equipment type are shown and quarterly revenues are provided for >130 different display equipment suppliers. Also included are typical process flows for each major process.

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    Latest Version - August 2023
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This report provides all of the market intelligence that a display equipment manufacturer, supplier to display equipment manufacturer or analysts covering display equipment suppliers would want. It is also ideal for panel suppliers tracking the market shares for all major display equipment segments. In total, >79 different equipment segments are covered including market share, design wins and tool prices. Revenues are provided and forecasted for >130 different equipment suppliers. Units and revenues are provided on a quarterly, annual, bookings, delivery and install basis.

Deliverables include:

  • OLED Fab Schedules, Equipment Spending and Capacity Forecast;
  • LCD Fab Schedules, Equipment Spending and Capacity Forecast;
  • MicroLED Backplane Fab Schedules and Equipment Spending.
  • OLED equipment market size by segment and forecasted out to 2026;
  • LCD equipment market size by segment and forecasted out to 2026;
  • MicroLED backplane equipment market size by segment through 2026.
  • Equipment revenues on a bookings, delivery or install billings basis;
  • Quarterly and annual equipment market share provided from 2018 to as far as 2026 for all backplane, frontplane, color filter, cell and module segments.
  • Design wins and units by supplier for all backplane, frontplane, color filter, cell and module segments;
  • Market share on a quarterly, annual, bookings, delivery or install basis for over 79 different segments;
  • Equipment prices for over 70 different tool segments by generation

Segments Covered in the Report Include:

  • Backplane
    • AOI
    • Array Test
    • Automation
    • Bubble/PI Other Repair
    • CD/Overlay
    • Coater/Developer
    • CVD
    • Dry Etch
    • Dry Strip
    • ELA
    • Exposure
    • Film Thickness Measurement
    • Furnace (Activation/Annealing)
    • Ion Implant
    • ITO Furnace
    • Laser CVD Repair
    • O/S Tester
    • Other Backplane
    • PI Coater
    • PI Curing
    • PVD - ITO/IGZO
    • PVD - S/D, Gate, L/S
    • SEM
    • Total Pitch
    • Wet Clean
    • Wet Etch - Gate, S/D
    • Wet Etch - ITO/IGZO
    • Wet Strip
    • Zap Repair
  • Frontplane
    • AOI
    • Automation
    • CD/Overlay
    • Evaporation (R&D)
    • Film Thickness Cluster
    • Film Thickness (stand-alone)
    • FMM VTE
    • FMM VTE Source
    • Frontplane Automation
    • Glass/Metal Encapsulation
    • Half cut glass cut
    • IJP
    • Inorganic TFE
    • Laser Drilling
    • LLO
    • Open Mask VTE
    • Open Mask VTE Source
    • Organic TFE
    • Other Frontplane
    • Total Pitch
  • Color Filter
    • AOI
    • Automation
    • CD/Overlay
    • Coater
    • Developer
    • Exposure
    • Other
    • Laser Repair
    • Tape/Ink Repair
    • Sputtering
    • Total Pitch
  • Cell
    • Fill Dispense
    • LC Insertion
    • Photo Alignment
    • PI Coating
    • PI Curing
    • PI IJP
    • Rubbing
    • Seal Dispense
    • Vacuum Alignment
    • Automation
    • Other Cell
  • Module
    • Automated Module Test
    • Automated Final Test
    • Automated Cell Aging Test
    • Cell/Module Repair
    • COF/COP/COG Bonding
    • FOF/FOG Bonding
    • Lamination
    • Laser Cell Cutting
    • Laser Shape Cutting
    • ​Multi Time Program Test
    • Scribe
    • Other Module

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary p. 3

2.0 Methodology p. 12

3.0 Fab Schedules and Discussion p. 18

4.0 Display Equipment Spending p. 29

5.0 Supplier Market Share by Equipment Segment p. 65

6.0 TFT Backplane Supplier Share by Segment p. 67

7.0 OLED Frontplane Supplier Share by Segment p. 96

8.0 Color Filter Supplier Share by Segment p. 112

9.0 Cell Supplier Share by Segment p. 121

10.0 Module Supplier Share by Segment p. 131

11.0 Appendix: LCD and OLED Technology Roadmaps p. 141

  • MiniLED Trends
  • OLED Performance Improvement, IT OLED Roadmaps and OLED Litho Patterning Updates
  • Smartphone Technology Trends and Roadmap Updates
  • FPD Litho Trends and Maskless Litho Update
  • Pros and Cons of Double Capping Layer in OLED Stack

13.0 LCD and OLED Capacity: Separate Deliverable

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