Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Shipment and Technology Report

Report Summary

DSCC has received excellent reviews for its 3 annual reports on foldable display technology and markets. Due to strong demand, it is now updating its foldable content quarterly. Included in this new quarterly report are quarterly updates to shipments by brand and model, roadmaps, design wins, detailed product specifications, cost analysis, technology advancements and more.

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    PDF, XLS
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    Coming Q3’20
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Coming Q3’20

  • Monthly shipment/revenue results and forecasts by smartphone brand, model #, panel supplier, size, resolution, refresh rate, aspect ratio, PPI, form factor, cover material (UTG vs. CPI), street price band, AP supplier, AP model, cellular network, touch sensor type and more.
  • Long term quarterly forecasts out to 2025.
  • Foldable and rollable product roadmaps for smartphones, notebooks and tablets.
  • Specifications of all foldable products.
  • Review of film stacks for all foldable products revealing structure, thickness and suppliers for UTG, CPI, hard coat, OCA, polarizer, touch, etc.
  • Device/panel/UTG/CPI cost/price forecasts
  • Yield estimates/forecasts
  • Flexible/foldable supply/demand.
  • Analysis of latest technology challenges and advances.

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