Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Shipment and Technology Report

Report Summary

DSCC and Counterpoint have received excellent reviews for their monthly, quarterly and annual reports on foldable display technology and markets. Included in this report are best in class deliverables from both DSCC and Counterpoint including monthly panel shipments by brand and model, sell in by brand by model, sell-in by region, forecasted panel shipments by brand and model through 2028, forecasted sell-in by model, optional sell-in by brand by model by region, roadmaps, design wins, detailed product specifications, cost analyses, technology advancements and more. Shipments are provided for the entire supply chain covering panel shipments, production and sell-in.

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    Excel (Market Data) + PDF (Analysis of Data)
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    Latest version - June 2024
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  • Monthly panel shipments by brand and model by panel supplier from DSCC. Panel shipments by brand and model forecasted to 2028. Panel price results and forecasts also provided. Panel procurement data also segmented by size, resolution, backplane type, refresh rate, CoE or polarizer, touch sensor type, aspect ratio, PPI, form factor, cover material, 4G vs. 5G, 5G type, AP supplier, AP model, fingerprint recognition type and more.
  • Quarterly foldable smartphone sell-in by brand and model and quarterly forecasts by brand and model. Regional sell-in data for 10 regions.
  • Optional quarterly regional sell-in data by brand and model for up to 50 regions.
  • Foldable and rollable product roadmaps for smartphones, notebooks and tablets.
  • Quarterly panel procurement data for notebooks and tablets.
  • Specifications of all foldable products.
  • Review of film stacks for all foldable products revealing structure, thickness and suppliers for UTG, CPI, hard coat, OCA, polarizer, touch, etc.
  • Device/panel/UTG/CPI cost/price forecasts.
  • Yield estimates/forecasts.
  • Flexible/foldable supply/demand.
  • Analysis of latest technology challenges and advances.
  • Summary of latest foldable/rollable trade show exhibits and technical papers.
Table of Contents:

1.0 Executive Summary p.5

2.0 Methodology p. 15

3.0 Current and Upcoming Models p. 17

- 2024 Outlook
- What Else Is Coming in 2024?
- Z Flip 5 vs. Z Flip 4
- Z Flip 6 vs. Z Flip 5
- Z Flip 5 and Z Flip 6 Regional Allocations
- Z Fold 5 vs. Z Fold 4
- Z Fold 6 vs. Z Fold 5
- Z Fold 5 and Z Fold 6 Regional Allocations
- Samsung’s Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6
- Digitizer In and Out of Z Fold 6
- Google’s Pixel Fold 2
- Honor Magic Flip and V3
- Huawei Pocket 2 and Mate X5
- Huawei Nova Flip
- Huawei Mate X7 and Multi-Fold
- Motorola Razr 50/Ultra
- Oppo/OnePlus
- Tecno
- Xiaomi Mix Flip and Mix Fold 4
- ZTE Nubia Flip
- Apple’s Foldable Plans

4.0 Foldable/Rollable Smartphone Results and Forecast p.41

- Target Markets
- Clamshell
- In-folding
- Out-folding
- Rollable
- Panel Shipment Timeline
- Device Production Timeline
- Device Shipment Timeline
- By Model
- By Quarter
- By Year
- By Brand
- By Panel Supplier
- Panel and Device Revenues
- By Region
- By Form Factor
- By Cover Window Material
- By Size
- 4G vs. 5G
- Sub-6 GHz vs. mmWave
- Notch/Hole/UPCs
- By Refresh Rate
- By Backplane
- With CoE
- By AP Supplier/Model
- By Price Band
- By Panel ASPs
- By Panel Area

5.0 Foldable Notebook/Tablet Forecast p.89

- New vs. Old Forecast
- By Brand, Size, Display Supplier, etc.
- Rollables in Notebooks?
- Revenue and ASP Forecast
- Foldable Tablet Considerations
- Multi-Fold
- Old vs. New Forecast
- Panel and Form Factor Forecast
- Shipments, Revenues and ASPs

6.0 Total Fold./Roll. Display Shipment Forecast p.100

- By Application
- Units
- Revenues
- By Panel Supplier
- Area

7.0 SID Foldable/Rollable Highlights p.106

-Foldables with Advanced Display Technology

8.0 Foldable Panel Cost Forecast p.111

-6.7”, 7.11”, 7.56” and 8.03”
-LTPS vs. LTPO, CPI vs. UTG, CoE vs. Polarizer