Quarterly OLED Supply/Demand and Capital Spending Report

Report Summary

This quarterly report is critical for every company in the OLED supply/chain. It tracks OLED fab schedules, OLED unyielded and yielded capacity, OLED equipment spending for >50 different equipment segments, OLED demand by application and OLED supply/demand for rigid OLEDs, flexible OLEDs and OLED TVs.

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    Excel Pivot Files and PDF Report
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This report includes the following deliverables:

  • OLED fab schedules.
  • OLED capacity by fab and form factor (foldable vs. flexible vs. rigid).
  • OLED input capacity based on sheet and area, yields and panel output by fab.
  • Unit, revenue and design win results and forecasts for all equipment in OLED frontplane and backplane fabs on both a bookings and billings basis.
  • Market share for all OLED frontplane, backplane and most module segments.
  • Powerpoint report covering:
  • OLED capacity by form factor
  • OLED fab schedules and supply analysis
  • OLED demand by application
  • OLED supply/demand calculations and analysis
  • OLED equipment spending trends by equipment segment, panel manufacturer, country, fab generation, bookings basis vs. billings basis, etc.
  • Equipment supplier market share for more than 50 different segments.

Table of Contents

  • Page 3 - Executive Summary
  • Page 8 - Methodology
  • Page 23 - New and Potential Fab Discussion
  • Page 26 - OLED Equipment Spending Trends
  • Page 45 - Supplier Market Share by Equipment Segment
    • Page 48 - TFT Backplane Supplier Share by Segment
    • Page 75 - OLED Frontplane Supplier Share by Segment
    • Page 94 - Module Supplier Share by Segment

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