Quarterly OLED Supply/Demand and Capital Spending Report

Report Summary

This quarterly report is critical for every company in the OLED supply/chain. It tracks OLED fab schedules, OLED unyielded and yielded capacity, OLED equipment spending for >50 different equipment segments, OLED demand by application and OLED supply/demand for rigid OLEDs, flexible OLEDs and OLED TVs.

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    Excel (Market Data) + PDF (Analysis of Data)
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    Latest Edition - November 2023
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This report includes the following deliverables:

  • OLED fab schedules.
  • OLED capacity by fab and form factor (foldable vs. flexible vs. rigid).
  • OLED input capacity based on sheet and area, yields and panel output by fab.
  • Unit, revenue and design win results and forecasts for all equipment in OLED frontplane and backplane fabs on both a bookings and billings basis.
  • Market share for all OLED frontplane, backplane and most module segments.
  • Powerpoint report covering:
  • OLED capacity by form factor
  • OLED fab schedules and supply analysis
  • OLED demand by application
  • OLED supply/demand calculations and analysis
  • OLED equipment spending trends by equipment segment, panel manufacturer, country, fab generation, bookings basis vs. billings basis, etc.
  • Equipment supplier market share for more than 50 different segments.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary p. 3

2.0 Methodology p. 13

3.0 Fab Schedules and Discussion p. 19

4.0 OLED Equipment Spending Trends p. 28

5.0 Supplier Market Share p. 46

6.0 TFT Backplane Supplier Share by Segment p. 49

7.0 OLED Frontplane Supplier Share by Segment p. 77

8.0 Module Supplier Share by Segment p. 94

9.0 Appendix p. 105

  • High Mobility Oxide Backplanes
  • G8.7 RGB OLED Approaches
  • Latest Smartphone and IT OLED Technology Roadmaps

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