Adam Kablanian

CEO | Cynora
Adam Kablanian

Optimizing OLEDs with Materials Ingenuity

OLED technology continues to fulfill its remarkable potential as manufacturers introduce new displays that are foldable, flexible, and even stretchable. The exciting form factors are enabling advances in smartphones, TVs, smartwatches, laptops and other devices.

Yet, the OLED industry is still young and there is much potential to be unleashed as the manufacturing ecosystem marches toward maturity. Materials is an innovation hot-spot where emerging companies are exerting an out-sized impact. This is especially true for pioneers of advanced emitters, the essential technology that influences the performance of the OLED stack.

This presentation will detail CYNORA’s execution of core innovation milestones to enable “displays of the future” with its breakthrough emitters. The introduction of its first product, a high-efficiency fluorescent blue emitter, marked the company’s transition to commercialization early this year. Next on the roadmap is a TADF-based deep Green emitter slated for launch in the coming months. In parallel, progress on the company’s TADF-based deep Blue product is accelerating, with engineering focused on delivering a product that satisfies the key must-haves for next-generation displays: high efficiency, high brightness and long lifetime – with no compromises.


Adam joined CYNORA in May 2019 to lead the company’s transition from R&D to commercialization.

A seasoned technology CEO, Adam’s forte is building successful global companies around disruptive science-based technologies, creating value for customers and shareholders. Previously, he led several Silicon Valley-based public and privately-held companies, where he productized complex technologies and built large infrastructures to support global customers. They include Virage Logic, an embedded memory leader he co-founded and took public before it was acquired by Synopsys. He also led PlasmaSi, an OLED encapsulation company when OLED displays began to soar ahead of LCDs as the preferred choice for smartphones. PlasmaSi was subsequently acquired by Aixtron.

Kablanian holds a B.A. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University in California.