Adam Kablanian

CEO | Cynora
Adam Kablanian

Accelerating OLED Emitter Materials Discovery With AI

The race to commercialize novel emitters for new-generation OLED displays reached a Milestone early this year when CYNORA made test kits available for its TADF-based Deep Green emitter. Known as the cyUltimateGreen™, it is the industry’s first commercial TADFbased product, and the first on CYNORA’s TADF roadmap that includes a Deep Blue emitter. To make its product development model leaner, faster and more targeted, CYNORA pioneered the Generative Exploration Model (GEM), a high-speed materials discovery engine. The GEM leverages the computational capabilities of AI to identify with extreme precision the most useful and relevant molecules from an infinite source of chemical molecules. When combined with the materials expertise and OLED device knowledge of CYNORA’s chemists and device physicists (AKA the Human Intelligence), the GEM enables CYNORA to identify molecules that are not just a theoretical fit, but ones that are chemically “synthesizable” as well. Using the GEM as an example, CYNORA CEO Adam Kablanian will describe AI’s capacity to transform materials research -- within the display industry and even beyond. He will explain how it is accelerating CYNORA’s product development initiatives. In addition, with new data to report on the cyUltimateGreen product, he will share an update. Finally, he will detail how CYNORA is applying critical learning from its first TADF-based product to speed development of a TADF-based Blue Emitter.


Adam joined CYNORA in May 2019 to lead the company’s transition from R&D to commercialization.

A seasoned technology CEO, Adam’s forte is building successful global companies around disruptive science-based technologies, creating value for customers and shareholders. Previously, he led several Silicon Valley-based public and privately-held companies, where he productized complex technologies and built large infrastructures to support global customers. They include Virage Logic, an embedded memory leader he co-founded and took public before it was acquired by Synopsys. He also led PlasmaSi, an OLED encapsulation company when OLED displays began to soar ahead of LCDs as the preferred choice for smartphones. PlasmaSi was subsequently acquired by Aixtron.

Kablanian holds a B.A. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University in California.