Ajay Virkar SID19 Foldable


ActiveGrid™: is the industry’s top performing flexible and solution processed transparent conducting material and is being utilized for a variety of commercial touch sensor and display applications. Unlike conventional flexible transparent conductors (TCs), ActiveGrid™ is a totally new material formed by chemically fusing metallic nanowires into a singular nanoscale grid. In this presentation, the underlying physical mechanism of ActiveGrid™ formation will be described as well as various advanced technologies related to manipulating and improving optics and flexibility. The differentiation between conventional TCs and ActiveGrid™ will be as be explained in detail. ActiveGrid™ inks and films are valued for their performance, durability, flexibility, and processability; they are being utilized and developed for a variety of applications ranging from touch sensors, OLEDs, and solar cells to biotechnology and wearables.

C3Nano has also developed ActiveGuard™ - a highly flexible and scratch resistance hard-coat that is being developed and integrated as plastic replacement for cover-glass. The performance and attributes of ActiveGuard will also described.

C3Nano will also highlight its business model, key industrial partnerships and commercialization activities. C3Nano is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and has manufacturing facilities in Hayward, California and in Changzhou China.