Alex Henzen

Display Product Marketing Director | HYPHY
Alex Henzen

Modulated Analog Video Transfer Provides a 10X Greater Throughput for Display Systems

Consumer demand for higher-performance gaming monitors and televisions has seen a mainstream migration to 65” and larger 4K and 8K displays.

The market for large display panels is projected to exceed $40B in 2027, but industry challenges remain. In particular, conventional intra-panel video transport has reached its practical limits with the 4K generation, such that increasing resolution and frame rate further drives up display system costs and power consumption.

Display panel makers are seeking affordable, power-efficient ways to meet consumers’ ongoing desire for larger displays with higher resolutions, higher refresh rates, and deeper colors.

HYPHY’s unique ‘modulated analog’ video transport facilitates continued scaling of display performance. Delivering 10X greater throughput than conventional digital video transports, HYPHY’s analog transport simplifies in-system wiring and reduces display system cost and power consumption, thereby transferring 10X more image data to the panel without increasing the cost of the display system.

HYPHY has demonstrated the required performance in prototype systems and is now developing IC solutions for deployment into 8K large display panels by the end of 2023


Alex is HYPHY’s director of Display Technology

Alex is a multiple award-winning display technology specialist who has accrued over 35 years TFT display panel design and implementation experience. In addition to his work for HYPHY, Alex is Professor in Display Technology at South China Normal University, as well as being the founder and CEO of Liquid Light Ltd. Among his many achievements, Alex has held program management positions at Philips, and been VP of Process Development at CLEARink Displays. Alex provides overall project management and supports implementation of display drivers on LCD and OLED displays. He holds a MSc in Chemistry from Leiden University