David Hsieh

Senior Director, Display Technology | Omdia
David Hsieh

Top 10 Key Points of Display Industry – post COVID-19 & Korea Restructure

Abstract : David Hsieh, the senior research director of Omdia, will present the Top 10 key points of display industry, especially focusing on the post COVID-19 demand recovery and the impact of the Korea LCD capacity restructure. The top 10 points are including : the demand influence before, during and after the COVID-19, the dominance of China LCD and OLED capacity, the Korea LCD restructure and the WOLED QD OLED QNED roadmap following up with that, the panel price outlook, the new market and technology evolution of the PC displays, the rise and struggles of the new technologies like Mini LED and Micro LED , the new iPhone 12 display with the LTPO technology, and the new flexible and foldable display form factor change.


Mr. David Hsieh is senior director for display technology research and analysis at Omdia. He is a noted expert in TFT, LCD and LCD TV value chain research and analysis throughout Taiwan and China. Mr. Hsieh joined the company in November 2014 during the acquisition of DisplaySearch, a leader in primary research and forecasting on the global display market that is now part of IHS Markit. At DisplaySearch, he served as vice president of the greater China market. Previously, he was a key account manager at HannStar Display, a leading TFT LCD manufacturer. Before that, he spent five years as production planner and production engineer at HannStar's TFT LCD module line and Hitachi Kaohsiung's STN LCD module line. Mr. Hsieh has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, and an MBA from Preston University, Cheyenne, Wyoming, US.