David Kimmel SID19 Foldable


Clearfit™ Optically Clear Adhesive film for Foldable Displays

In traditional display devices, the critical contribution of optically clear adhesives (OCA) is to increase contrast by mitigating light loss at the interfaces between the display and the cover lens. The secure, weatherable bond of high performance adhesives also supports the environmental and drop resistance of today’s rugged smartphone enclosures.

Foldable display devices present numerous challenges for the OCA. First, the adhesive must survive the extreme stress of the folding mechanics over an increasingly broad range of use temperatures with flawless optics and bond integrity. Second, there are considerations of electrical and chemical compatibility with the device touch sensor and adjacent film layers. Third, the material is expected to contribute synergistically to the drop and impact resistance of the enclosure and display stack, while maintaining a minimum thickness profile.

As a world leading vertically integrated producer of Optically Clear Adhesive films for mobile devices, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is developing new adhesive raw materials and film process techniques to overcome the challenges of foldable displays. This paper presentation will translate foldable application requirements into engineering performance targets, illustrated with examples of MCC Clearfit™ OCA films developed specifically for foldable displays.