David Naranjo

Senior Director | DSCC
David Naranjo Global23

Advanced Smartphone Market Outlook

This talk will examine the latest results and outlook for the smartphone display market including the latest smartphone shipments, near term forecasts, cost and price outlook, etc. This talk will leverage DSCC’s Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker, Smartphone Display Cost Report and other reports. It will also examine which brands and panel suppliers took share in 2023 and are best positioned to gain ground in 2024.

IT Display Market Outlook

The growth of displays for notebook PCs, monitors and tablets for the commercial and consumer segments slowed in 2022 and in the first half of 2023, The second half of 2023 is expected to see a recovery as a result of improved brand and channel inventories,, back-to-school seasonality, holidays seasonality and commercial demand for AI performance for PCs. This presentation will summarize DSCC's latest results and outlook for the advanced IT display segment, highlighting the competitive landscape for advanced IT displays (OLED and MiniLED LCDs) and the key drivers that are expected to enable them to coexist and fuel continued growth. These key drivers include the expectation that Apple will enter the OLED tablet category in 2024, panel cost and price reductions, new G8.7 fab investments, new technologies, current/future brand positioning and improved display performance.


David joined DSCC in May 2021 as Senior Director. David has more than 20 years’ experience in the consumer and commercial electronics industry. David’s professional background includes a wide range of responsibilities in product development, product planning, product management, product marketing, data analytics, and executive /operational management. Prior experience includes working in the consumer and commercial electronics industry as Director of Business Line Management at ViewSonic, Director of Product Planning at Samsung Electronics, Director of Connected Products at Kenmore, Director of Product Management at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics and Group Manager at Panasonic.

He has served on CTA committees and the Video Board. He has been an invited speaker for technical and marketing presentations on the consumer and commercial markets for SID, CTA, FCC, Infocomm and NCTA conferences.

David enjoys hiking, exercising, running, refereeing soccer games, and giving back to the community. In his spare time, he substitute teaches and tutors 6th -12th grade students and college students in Math, Science, Accounting, Finance and Economics.

David has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Finance and Marketing.