Dr. Andreas Haldi


TADF technology for highly efficient deep-blue OLEDs in Next-Generation Displays

The low efficiency of fluorescent blue OLED pixels remains one of the top issues for OLED panel makers despite the success that OLED displays have had on the market in the last decade. Recent progress on the TADF technology, however, has shown this technology´s potential to finally deliver high-efficiency deep-blue materials that also have enough stability for OLED panels. Having a high-efficiency blue pixel, can reduce the OLED panel power consumption by ~50%, which is why it is such an essential topic for panel makers.

CYNORA has already shown that the customer specifications for color and efficiency can be reached with their TADF technology and the lifetime is in the final development stage. In this presentation, we will show the basic principle of the TADF technology. We will also discuss two separate approaches of the TADF technology, the self-emitting and the co-emitting (or hyper) approach, that can both be used to achieve the customer requirements for deep-blue pixels. And finally, we will give an update on our newest high-efficiency deep-blue results with our emitter materials.