Dr. Andreas Haldi SID19 Investor


CYNORA - The emerging leader for OLED emitters

The high quality and the flexibility of OLED panels has made them the standard for smartphones and for the premium TV market. But panel makers still need further improvements of OLED displays to capture more of the existing market and open up new markets.

At CYNORA, it is our goal to make OLEDs better. Therefore, we have been focusing on the hottest topic in the OLED development, which is the reduction of the power consumption of the blue pixel. With our TADF technology, we have found a solution to make very efficient deep-blue pixels that can reduce the power consumption of the whole panel by 50%. Our rapid development in the past three years has made us the leading company in deep-blue emitter materials. We have already reached the color and the efficiency requirement of the OLED industry. Together with our investors, LG Display and Samsung, we are currently working on the final development of the lifetime towards commercial production.