Dr. David Hermann SID19 Auto


Automotive Displays – The Window To The Future

This decade has witnessed an unprecedented market growth for automotive displays. Why is that? And what will the future look like? The automotive industry is in its most profound phase of transformation ever, where cars are evolving from manually piloted vehicles via smartphones on wheels and supercomputers on wheels, into new-energy-powered autonomously mobile personal spaces and service providers. While this development requires ever more computing power, sensing technology and artificial intelligence/machine learning, it needs to be ”designed around you” - the human. Consequently, the user interface and the user experience become absolutely vital. Whether the car assists you in your driving through the many ADAS safety functionalities available already today, or you are being driven by the car, the human visual system is the most fundamental of our senses in these contexts - thus, the automotive user interfaces of today, as well as most certainly of tomorrow, will have a key piece of visual technology: display technology. In this presentation we will give an outlook on this future from the perspective of the Swedish OEM Headquarters as well as the Californian OEM R&D Tech Center - through the window of the automotive display.