Dr. Feng He SID19 Foldable


After the first presentations of foldable smartphone devices at the end of 2018, many smartphone set makers announced product launches or presented working demonstrators. There are still many open questions about form factors, the type of folding direction and the acceptance of the pricing strategies remain to be answered by consumers in the comings months. In parallel, technical development is very active on various design approaches for the foldable cover window structure and the materials used therein.

SCHOTT’s proprietary down draw technology allows mass production of ultra-thin glasses without secondary slimming, and is used for various glass types in our portfolio. The technology yields glass very smooth surfaces, with a mean roughness in the range of < 1 nm. Our extensive background in optical glass design, coupled with a production technology, which has been optimized for ultra thin glass for several decades, is a great starting point for foldable cover window development.