Dr. James Murphy SID19 Biz


GE RadiantRedTM Technology: Market Leading Wide Color Gamut Phosphor & Path Towards Enabling Next Generation Displays

In only five years since initial commercialization, RadiantRedTM Technology from GE using red-line emission of K2SiF6:Mn4+ phosphor (PFS/KSF) centered at 631 nm has become the market leading wide color gamut solution for 4K UHD TVs, tablets, phones and laptops. KSF provides a cost effective, on-chip LED solution for wide color gamut displays that is RoHS compliant. As opposed to OLED or quantum dot containing displays, KSF-based LEDs are a drop-in replacement in LCD BLUs and do not require additional remote films and/or barrier encapsulants to achieve excellent reliability. KSF has penetrated the display market greater than 5 times faster than quantum dot technology with over 30 billion KSF containing LEDs (from 20 licensed LED package manufacturers) used in all major commercial display types worldwide. This presentation will discuss the technology and licensing strategy that have enabled this success and the path forward around integration into future displays with higher color gamut (>90% BT.2020) and additional functionality versus current HDR 4K/8K displays.

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