Dr. Jianping Chen

Senior Technical Fellow | Visionox
Dr. Jianping Chen

Flexible AMOLED Display Technology-the New Norm in Consumer Electronics

Recently, flexible AMOLED display has found more and more applications in consumer electronics, such as in smartphones and wearables.

In this presentation, we will discuss AMOLED’s key enabling technologies (design and modelling, module materials, fabrication, and integration) that potentially lead to realize form factor-dictated edge-curved, foldable, scrollable, and stretchable displays.


Dr. Jianping Chen is currently a senior technical fellow at Visionox. He has been in charge of Visionox’s novel AMOLED display program, including flexible AMOLED display and flexible touch panel since 2016. Prior to that, he held a number of technical and management positions at IBM Almaden Research, Canon America, Henkel, and Carestream Advanced Materials. During his 18-year working tenure in US, he participated in and led a wide variety of R&D projects across the whole spectrum of optoelectronics, OLED display, and printed electronics, and contributed to a number of new products launch.

Dr. Chen received his BSc. Degree in chemistry from Zhejiang University, China, and his Ph.D. degree in polymer chemistry from Carleton University, Canada. He has co-authored over 10 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and has been awarded 17 US patents. He is a technical committee member in the Touch and Interactive Displays, a sub-division of SID-Beijing Chapter.