Dr. Mike Hack SID19 Biz


Advancing Phosphorescent OLED Technology

In this talk we will review the tremendous progress made by phosphorescent OLED display technology and preview exciting new developments that will further expand market opportunities.

OLED displays are now in commercial production for a range of products from cell phones, tablets, UHD TV’s, and newly emerging applications such as AR/VR headsets, wearable devices and solid-state lighting. OLEDs offer excellent visual performance, and through the use of phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) technology, lower power consumption than AMLCDs. OLEDs possess novel features such as transparency and flexibility, which are now further increasing their market potential, and are already providing a much greater differentiation from previous display technologies with the recent very exciting emergence of foldable and rollable displays.

OLED illumination can also improve our health, minimizing the output of damaging deep blue wavelengths. UDC is a pioneer in the development and supply of phosphorescent OLED technology and materials for both display and lighting applications. In this presentation we outline how we are ensuring that our PHOLED technology meets the ever more demanding performance requirements of future products, and we will outline how our technology can further improve their performance at lower cost, as well as improve personal health.