Dr. Nikhil Balram

SVP and GM for Displays | Mojo Vision
Dr. Nikhil Balram

A Micro-LED Field of Dreams

Micro-LEDs will make the dream of the Metaverse a reality by offering tiny display systems with the super-high brightness and dynamic range needed for digital to blend perfectly with real, and the energy efficiency, and integration of compute and sensing, to enable the slim and light form factor needed for all-day all-use AR Glasses. And they will scale up to find their way into all displays and bring huge power savings to the real world as well. Their unique size, brightness, efficiency, and semiconductor DNA will enable old futuristic concepts from science fiction like transparent displays in our hand, on our desks, and as our windows, light field tables for e-sports, games and education, perfectly form-fitted auto console displays, room-size holodecks that let us walk the Metaverse with nothing on our face, and much more. We will build it and they will come!


Dr. Nikhil Balram is SVP and GM for displays at Mojo Vision Inc. Previously, he was CEO of EyeWay Vision Inc. (EVI), a start-up developing immersive AR glasses. Prior to that he led the Display Group at Google, which was responsible for developing display systems for all Google consumer hardware, including AR and VR. Other past roles include CEO of Ricoh Innovations Corporation, VP and GM of Digital Entertainment BU at Marvell and CTO of the Display Group at National Semiconductor. He has received numerous awards including the Otto Schade Prize from the Society for Information Display (SID) and a Gold Stevie® Award for Executive of the Year in the Electronics category. Dr. Balram is a Fellow of the SID since 2012 and was Program Chair for Display Week 2019 and General Chair for Display Week 2021. Dr. Balram received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University