Dr. Oliver Haupt

Director Strategic Marketing | Coherent LaserSystems
Dr. Oliver Haupt

Laser Technologies for Current and Next Generation Displays and Mobile Devices

Displays are getting larger – and smaller! But whatever the display type – from miniature wearable displays for AR/VR, to high resolution, flexible displays for mobile devices, to larger, next generation OLED IT panels, through even the biggest screens for TVs and signage – lasers are a key enabling manufacturing technology. Lasers have an unrivalled ability to yield smaller and more precise features at high throughput, and to work without physically damaging or overheating delicate parts. Coherent offers virtually every type of laser technology required for display fabrication. We will present laser processes that impact MicroLED’s, flexible and foldable OLEDs, and even writing/recording of HOEs for AR/VR.


Director of strategic marketing for the Flat Panel Display (FPD) market at Coherent. Over 20 years experience in general laser applications. Worked as a product line manager for Coherent Excimer laser and FlexOLED LLO systems in Goettingen/Germany, since 2015 focused on laser based µLED applications.