Dr. Reza Chaji SID19 Investor


A Solution for Yield, Throughput, Cost, and Performance

VueReal emerged with founders who have more than 10 years’ experience in Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays, developing key enabling technologies for AMOLED TVs. With deep insight into the limitations of existing display solutions, the VueReal founders came up with an innovative technology based on microLEDs. Integrating microLEDs into display substrates offers two to three times power savings, significant performance enhancement (higher brightness, color purity, and high contrast ratio), versatile functionality, and different form factors (i.e., flexible system).

However, existing approaches toward microLED displays come with significant challenges such as low yield, low throughput, high power consumption, high cost, and non-manufacturability for mainstream display applications. In addition, all these factors are tightly connected. For example, making LEDs smaller to reduce the cost causes yield, throughput, performance, and power consumption to suffer significantly.

VueReal has developed microLED technologies that decouple these challenges to address them individually. The VueReal microprinting process in combination with its display architecture offers 100% yield without increasing display costs. Moreover, the microprinting process is compatible with small size LED while covering different display sizes without compromising the yield and throughput. VueReal’s high yield and throughput solution includes novel microLED structures, a self-aligned transfer solution, a robust modular microprinting process, inspection technologies, unique repair process, and system level defect management. VueReal is shipping microLED development samples to customers in Q4 2019 and is currently working on the complete a-to-z configuration for its microLED solution to accelerate the adoption of microLED displays in the market.