Dr. Simon W.H. Hsu SID19 Auto


Display Maker’s Opportunities & Activities for Recent Fast-Evolving Automotive Industry.

End-user behavior has been significantly changed by the evolution of consumer electronic devices in the past decade, including full-time connectivity, friendly interface with touch interaction, and large-size screen with vivid picture quality. These behavioral changes naturally affect how end users expect the car interior design, in particular the display and the way to interact with it. Display is becoming the most important human-machine interface in car not only because the number of displays installed per vehicle keeps increasing for emerging applications like E-Mirror, but also because the advancement of autonomous driving will eventually release driver from steering wheel and pedals. Furthermore, transformation from combustion engine to battery-powered electric vehicle is an ongoing big thing expedited by worldwide regulations, and it also poses new challenges on display which we already perceived. Therefore, we expect the coming decade to be the most important period than ever for automotive display evolution. In this talk, we will share how panel maker like AU Optronics makes efforts on automotive display technologies for this exciting opportunity, as well as how to cope with accompanying challenges, together with our customers.