Dragon Cui

CEO | DiScien
Dragon Cui

Four Ways to Dynamic Balance Under the Capacity Storm

The new and larger LCD lines, which are built incessantly, are leading the Capacity storm, making matters worse for the situation of oversupply, so will this oversupply be avoided? DISCIEN analysts say that Capacity is increasing in number, but the supply-demand will return to dynamic balance in the next 1-2years, with the development of new size / new technology / new application / new M/S structure.


Dragon Cui worked at BOE Technology for 6 years managing their technical support and overseas business development. He later worked at display market research firm AVC for 2 years before starting Discien in 2018 which is focused on TVs and digital signage. He has extensive knowledge on display technology, display manufacturing and market dynamics and analyzes markets with an international perspective from his overseas career at BOE.