Dragon Cui

CEO | DiScien
Dragon Cui


The current TV panel industry pattern is the future of IT panels

After restructuring and mergers in 2020, the pattern of the TV panel industry will show a relatively stable pattern in the future. In contrast, the pattern of IT panels has changed relatively little over the past few years. DISCIEN analyzes that IT panels will repeat the pattern change of the TV panel industry in the next 3-5 years, eventually, a highly concentrated and relatively stable industrial structure dominated by Chinese makers will be formed.


Dragon Cui worked at BOE Technology for 6 years managing their technical support and overseas business development. He later worked at display market research firm AVC for 2 years before starting Discien in 2018 which is focused on TVs and digital signage. He has extensive knowledge on display technology, display manufacturing and market dynamics and analyzes markets with an international perspective from his overseas career at BOE.