Faraz Azadi

Product Manager | C3Nano
Faraz Azadi

Event Abstract:

C3Nano is widely recognized for developing the highest performing (solution coated) transparent conductive film, ActivegridTM. ActivegridTM, a patented technology that employs proprietary chemical sintering agent, tradename “NanoglueTM”, which fuses metallic nanowires into a nanoscale metallic grid upon coating and drying. These ultra-low haze conductors have been extensively used in touch sensors for rigid and flexible mobile and other electronic devices. To complement ActivegridTM, C3Nano also developed ActiveguardHCTM Films. ActiveguardHCTM is the industry’s highest rated anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint flexible cover films. ActiveguardHC films are highly hydrophobic and oleophobic single-step solution coated hardcoated films, ideally used in flexible devices as the outermost layer, where replacement for the rigid conventional cover glass is required. Incorporation of carefully selected functionalized nanoparticles in the hardcoat solution eliminates the need for a secondary sputtered anti-fingerprint layer on top, while significantly enhancing the scratch resistance of the hardcoated film. This key advantage, coupled with its hardness, flexibility, and compatibility with different plastic substrates sets ActiveguardHCTM apart from the competition. The properties, advantages, and suitability for current and upcoming flexible device designs will be discussed in more depth in our presentation.


Faraz Azadi is currently the Product Manager at C3Nano. He joined the company in 2014 and has since led multiple product development projects that are now in mass production phase and are used in consumer electronics and have been tested in clinical trials for pharmaceutical applications. Faraz’s research has been focused on the development of nanomaterials with emphasis on enhanced mechanical and chemical properties for applications
in consumer electronic and medical devices. Faraz holds a Bachelor and Master of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto.