Gary Feather

President | 6P Color
Gary Feather

The discussion will focus on the implementation of UWCG and Colorimetric as well as the new created industries as all industry players move to Full Color Range system breaking the limitations of RGB.

The focus is on leveraging all displays to Ultra Wide Color Gamut through extended primaries and colorimetric systems. All the elements are in place for this today…manufacturing requires no inventions. UWCG shocks viewers when experienced with awe of what us currently unseen in the original content. A existing installed large area display in Burbank and a portable 81” display are used. Will demo UWCG and FCR at HPA 2/20-24 and are a top 5 finalist at SXSW for Media with final winner declared 3/13 after exhibition, demonstration and judging.

DCI-P3 color gamut volume is only ~45% of perceived color. The visual and emotional impact of ultra wide color gamut UWCG is already in the cameras and CGI but unseen in displays. Adding just one primary (cyan at 492nm) opens up the color gamut volume to >75%. New color is high impact to creatives as well as viewers to show real color of the world.

Both projection systems have been designed, built and tested as well as flip chip dvLED displays (1920 x 1080, 16 foot by 9 foot) in public demonstration in Burbank.

Leading industry Studios, Colorists, Display makers and viewers see the impact of UWCG systems for the future. They are joining with their teams into demonstrations and development agreement.

The transition to UWCG will occur as it is supported across the industry that wider color is the next great area of impact. Since 1998 much has been complete in key visual systems. We (as an industry) conquered flat, we reached the maximum on perceivable resolution (8K), we built larger with 65”-85” a norm, we lowered power, we lowered weight and mastered brightness and contrast ratio.

What’s next is …using the full color gamut/range.

So much headroom to exploit. Almost no barriers. Huge visual impact to the viewers. Abundant content exists in all film and RAW content output from every professional camera. Alignment to current editing systems using RESOLVE or NUKE and Asimulate Scratch. Move from 45% ASAP. A continuum of implementation options for all display makers to choose the primaries most beneficial to their business, market and manufacturing.

The technical and business approach is being acted upon today and open for all industry players from cameras to viewers in theaters and home television to enjoy. Enabling full digital color without limits is a high viewer impact product for this decade. Published papers also show advantages in reduced power (10-22%) as well as mitigation of unwanted metameric effects.

Initial Products are emerging in late 2023 from industry leaders; proving the advantages in the infrastructure. Leveraging great accomplishment in dvLED, μLED and OLED/QD UWCG is a logical extension. Expect 18% of all large area displays to use extended primaries by 2028.


Gary Feather has decades of Display System experience from years at Texas Instruments, Sharp Corporation, Nanolumens and now 6P Color where he serves as President. Catalyst in Launching Breakthrough Innovations That Drive Revenue, Efficiencies, and Operational Excellence for Emerging Growth Markets

As a revenue growth and performance improvement champion, Gary successfully positions businesses, infrastructures, and offerings for market dominance. Throughout his many years of experience, Gary has achieved outstanding success in building scalable organization and expansion strategies backed by controls, sales talent, automation, and heightened accountability for public and PE-backed companies.

Through clear vision and a servant-leader mentality, Gary has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to establish, cultivate, and lead performance-driven teams, both across the globe and domestically. A collaborative and empowering leader, his industry expertise and executive leadership experience spans a multitude of product areas. These include DCI LED digital cinema, flexible LED displays, IP LCD TV, Mobile Phones, Wearable Health, dvLED and DLP projection systems. Gary possesses an MSEE, Virginia Tech, an MBA, Southern Methodist University, and a BSEE, University of Kentucky. Additionally, Gary is a published subject matter expert and an active contributor in governing industry agencies.