Ian Hendy

CEO | Hendy Consulting
Ian Hendy

Ecosystems of innovation in the display industry in 2021

The display industry is mature, but innovating like crazy in the end-game, a trend we refer to as "Innovate or Die." Mr. Hendy will present a perspective on the top innovation ecosystems and leadership groups, including Taiwan Inc, TCL/CSOT, Apple and Samsung and the innovations in the industry in manufacturing, materials and equipment that they have supported. We identify which types of innovation tend to be shepherded by which player with implications for business opportunities for multinationals and startups. We link the role of innovation to that of leadership in our industry


Mr. Hendy is CEO of Hendy Consulting Limited, a strategy consulting company based in London, serving the display industry and its supply chain. Hendy Consulting focuses on solving custom business problems in growth, market entry, and partnering for start-ups and multinationals in the display space, working for novel display companies, equipment firms and materials players, and IP solution providers.