Jan Matthijs ter Meulen

Co-Founder and CTO | Morphotonics
Jan Matthijs ter Meulen

Large-Area Nanoimprinting for Display Optics: Challenges & Opportunities

The demand for micron- and nanoscale surface customization in displays is on the rise, with a projected 16% CAGR through 2027. Companies worldwide, both big and small, are striving to add value, functionalities, and smarts to display surfaces in order to differentiate their products. The global display market is expected to double in size from $115B in 2021 to $216B by 2031, making this a lucrative business opportunity.

Despite exploring more sophisticated structures for displays, the industry is facing challenges in achieving design freedom and commercially feasible manufacturing. Morphotonics has developed a unique solution to bridge this gap. Our proprietary large area nanoimprint technology enables design freedom and high-volume manufacturing, making it commercially viable for a wide range of products. With over 15 years of experience, Morphotonics helps customers develop micro- and nanostructured products that take full advantage of large surface areas - in ANY optics, ANY display, ANY size.

Our innovative large area nanoimprint technology has been adopted by leading display, automotive, and deep technology customers in Europe, the United States, and Asia. At Morphotonics, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with nanoimprinting.


As CTO and Co-founder responsible for the development of innovative imprint processes and materials for different nano-imprint applications. In this role also guiding the business development team, bridging the gap from customer ideas to Roll-to-Plate mass production. The background is in optics, having a master in Physics and Business Administration. After university worked at Philips developing the Blu-ray Disc, from writing the book-spec to the start-up of the Bluray RW pilot-production. Later-on worked at Moserbaer India, transferring the BD production to India. has As OLED R&D team leader, integrated light management textures to improve the OLED efficiency.

21 patent applications, 3 publications as co-author.