Jan Matthijs ter Meulen

CEO & Co-Founder | Morphotonics BV
Jan Matthijs ter Meulen

Advancements and Challenges in AR Waveguide & Glasses-Free 3D Optics Manufacturing

With the debut of Apple Vision Pro (AVP), the boundaries between Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D are beginning to blur. While glasses-free 3D might seem contradictory to AR glasses, there's significant overlap in visualization methods. Much of the content developed for 3D can be showcased on either AR glasses or glasses-free 3D displays.

A key similarity between these products lies in their complex optics. Despite their intricacies, optics for both need to be mass-produced at low cost to reach mainstream adoption. At Morphotonics, we aim to tackle this challenge with our proprietary large-area nanoimprint technology. By using larger panel-sized sheets with precise patterning and replication, we demonstrate commercially viable manufacturing of these products.

In this presentation, we'll share updates on the progress we've made and the remaining challenges in manufacturing AR waveguide and Glasses-Free 3D Optics.


As CTO and Co-founder responsible for the development of innovative imprint processes and materials for different nano-imprint applications. In this role also guiding the business development team, bridging the gap from customer ideas to Roll-to-Plate mass production. The background is in optics, having a master in Physics and Business Administration. After university worked at Philips developing the Blu-ray Disc, from writing the book-spec to the start-up of the Bluray RW pilot-production. Later-on worked at Moserbaer India, transferring the BD production to India. has As OLED R&D team leader, integrated light management textures to improve the OLED efficiency.

21 patent applications, 3 publications as co-author.